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Zindaggi Rocks Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 17, 2006Hindi ]
Zindaggi Rocks Review
Sushmita Sen,Shiny Ahuja,Moushumi Chatterjee , Kim Sharma,Seema Biswas and Ravi Gosain.
Tanuja Chandra
Anurradha Prasad

Life can be loved in two ways. Either one can be sad about it and make it DRAG or one can be happy about every moment and make it ROCK!

Kria [Sushmita Sen] believed in following it the latter way. An extrovert, she had a good career as a singer/performer, had a lovely home, a beautiful family comprising of an adorable 12 years old son [Julian], a strict yet caring mom [Moushimi Chatterjee] and a lovable aunt [again Moushmi Chatterjee, in a double role]. Together they were all a house on fire and knew how to live life, be happy and make merry.

Especially special was the presence of her mom and aunt in her life since they were just the opposite. While her mom had an aversion for opening up and smile along, her aunt knew how to live every moment of her life, enjoy her wine and even jokingly mock her sister at some pretext or another!

What happens when a family like this comes in contact with an introvert doctor by the name of Dr. Suraj Rihan?

Simple! Zindaggi Rocks!

Suraj [Shiney Ahuja] and Kria meet in his hospital and from there on it is no looking back for both of them. The two start meeting each other more frequently, Suraj is introduced to Kria's family and soon a bond develops between all of them. The man who was completely involved in his profession all this while now starts catching the nuances of life. In Kria, he finds a woman who could be his soul mate

For Kria, Suraj was the guy who could be unselfish, undemanding and yet so close to her family. He was the one in front of her she could be Kria and not the star and let him know about her inner self.

It was just apt for the two of them that their lives rocked.

Until, an incident changed it all!

A situation came in the lives of Suraj and Kria when they both were at the crossroads to decide their next step in life. Caught in a situation of dilemma and crisis, they had a mighty challenge to face and question their inner self.

What was this situation? What was so critical about it that both Suraj and Kria had to rethink on their priorities and meaning of their own existence? Would the two fight off the challenge and be united again? Or would they separate as suddenly from each other as they met?

Will love find a way?

Yes, it would! Afterall Zindaggi Rocks and Life Is Beautiful!

Also starring Kim Sharma as Joy, the manager and friend of Kria, 'Zindaggi Rocks' is a Tanuja Chandra film that is produced by Anuradha Prasad with music by Anu Malik. Get set to rock your life on September 29th when the film releases all over.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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