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Yuva Preview

Yuva Peview
Madhavan, Surya and Siddarth,Trisha,Meera Jasmine
AR. Rahman


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • తెలుగు Comments

Manirathnam is perhaps the director of the 90s and 2000s who has got the pulse of the people right. He also knows how to make serious and sensitive movies within the matrix of commercial considerations. His products are fun as well as serious.

In the event, it is little surprise that his forthcoming release Yuva (Azhutha Ezhuthu in Tamil) has generated great expectations across Andhra Pradesh. The music of A R Rehman is already a rage.

As usual, getting bite-sized morsels on Manis film is almost next to impossible. All the artistes and technicians are religiously reticent while talking about the film. The fact that Yuva is being simultaneously made in Hindi under the same name is adding to the curiosity value.

According to many reports doing the rounds, Yuva is said to be based on a Mexican movie. There also sources who say that the film takes off from the life and times of a gifted student at Osmania University. Quite simply, the film has three strands ---- of three different youths with three distinctive approaches to life. Not surprisingly, their paths cross each others and their life is not same any more.

Mani leads the cast with his find and favorite Madhavan (in a menacing close cut that he kept under wraps for several months). He is a product of bindas Chennai where anything goes. He doesn't believe in the normal rules that govern the society. For this tough-talking, threat-pouring rowdy anything goes in life. But his weakness is his Brahmin wife Meera Jasmine. Naturally it is a love marriage.

In counterpoint to Madhavans character is Suryas. He is a man of principles. His mental faculties are sharp so much so he is invited to do Ph.D under Nobel Laureate Weinberg. With latent Left leanings, he has a strong sense of what is right and what is not. He stands up for what he be lives is right (even if it comes to using violence). His pair is Esha Deol who teaches French and studies politics. But Surya is not ready to marry her. Why? Well, he does not believe in marriages. A true non-conformist, if ever there was one.

Then there is the vivacious Siddharth (of Boys fame). He is chalu and street smart. He is, like all wannabe-yuppies, a Brahmin engineer on his way to the USA, for better fortunes. His mantra in life is simple: Live life to the fullest. It is fun. His pair is Trisha who has similar tendencies in life. They both live life on the fast lane.

The movie is all about what happens when fate brings these diverse lives together.

The back up cast (technical ones) are straight out of the top-drawer. Camera is by Ravi K.Chandran, Sabu Cyril (art), Srikar Prasad (editing), Brinda (choreography) and Vikram Dharma (stunt).

It is an impressive array of talent.

Little surprise then that the film is expected to be a huge grosser.