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You may call him Isaignani or Overtly proud but Ilaiyaraja is always Raja!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 • Tamil Comments

You may call him Isaignani or Overtly proud but Ilaiyaraja is always Raja!

These days people start judging a person by their behavior in one video or with one person. Or their reaction for one particular incident determines their character for life. Well, before sending notices to SP Balasubramanyam, the legendary singer, Ilaiyaraja never bad-mouthed him or had any public fight.

Even after the issue, both started performing on stage. Raja wanted to make a statement and he did. He asked National Award committee to see OST as a whole from a film but not to Seperate BGM and songs composed for a film by a composer.

He made suggestions about giving him money before others can sing his song. All this are not done in right tone by him, agreed but his intentions cannot be ridiculed. He might be proud of himself and his talent, but that shouldn't could the talent he posses.

He is one of the most important people in Music Industry of Indian Cinema and his level of talent is not the same thing with everyone else. He could just dictate terms to people at one time and after seeing such days, people tend to behave in a certain way.

It can be opposed but with due respect. It can be ridiculed but he shouldn't be remembered as a person who did only those things. We have to start respecting his talent for what he could do and how he inspired. It is true that no one could compose as many hits as consistently as he did.

It is true that he can still mesmerise you with his composition. It is true that he has issues. But if we don't count the positive things we will lead a negative life, like never before. Hence, on this birthday of Isaignani, let's say we may troll him, but we will never lose our respect towards him.

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