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Yogi Music Review

Yogi Music Review
Prabhas, Nayanatra
VV Vinayak
Kadapa Mayor Ravindranath Reddy
Ramana Gogula
Mass beat helps attract audiences
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, January 16, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

VV Vinayak is known for sensational direction. At the same time, he has quite a good interest in music. The songs in his films like Aadi, Stalin were big musical hits. His latest film 'Yogi' with Prabhas too should have the same kind of music. Ramana Gogula, who is known as a good music director had joined hands with Vinayak for this film. There are six songs in the film and of them three were with mass beat while two are melody based. However, one song is neither has mass beat nor melody but has some typical style. As a whole the album has good mass value.

Dolu Baja Paatallo. Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Ramana Gogula tuned this song in a folk tune. It looks the song was planned to be choreographed in a festival atmosphere, as the interludes has a mention of Lord Siva. The lyric was penned with rich literary value. It has a foot tapping music with the use of drums with guitar interludes. Shankar Mahadeven sung the song in a high pitch. Though it has a fast beat, the music director took precaution to make the lyric audible without covering it with heavy music.

Orori Yogi. Singers: Karthik, Bangalore Sunitha

This looked like the title song. But due to the husky voice it should be an item song also. Generally Mumaith Khan's item numbers will have such a lyric, voice and music. This song is also rich in mass beat and has a mass appeal. The mix of Karthik's voice added melody to even an item number. However, the heavy presence of drumbeat could only attract the mass audiences rather than class audience.

Ye Nomu Nochindo. Singer: Suresh

This is a melody number. It denotes the sentiment between the son and a mother. Going by the song, it appears on a flashback scene. Suresh rendered the song with a base voice for a depth in feeling. Use of traditional veena and drums, coupled with flute the tune got its expected rhythm. The song is quite slow and rich in literary value. It looks like an old film song but is worth listening like a lullaby.

Gilli Gichi Singers: Rajesh, Ganga

This is a fast number in the beginning but gets slow while coming to verses. Use of guitar and drumbeat gave it a modern look. The English tune humming in the middle is quite mass attractive. This song is also good in literary values if the audiences listen to the song carefully. The song was tuned in such a way that it has both mass beat and at the same time, the rich literary values would also attract the class and family audiences.

Nee illu bangaram gaanu.. Singer: Tippu, Sunitha

This is an old commercial film kind of song. The tuning and the rhythm looked as if the song is from a film 70s-80s. Even the humming in the middle of the verses was also quite old style. There is a light music from the key board that runs with low beat behind the lyric. The bagpiper music at the end of the song is quite melodious giving the song a good ending.

Gana Gana Gana. Singers: Adnan Sami, Sudha

It is a duet that runs on a speed note. However, song has neither good mass beat nor a classic touch. In addition the song runs in quite old style and has no much scope even for dancing. But for the drum beat coupled with guitar strings, the song has not even any other musical touch. A song which could be conveniently ignored, though it was rendered by a good singer like Adnan Sami coupled with Sudha.