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Yevadigola Vadidhey Music Review

Yevadigola Vadidhey Music Review
Aryan Rajesh, Deepika, Chalapati Rao, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Brahmanandam, Ali, Babu Mohan, Kovai Sarala, Abhinayasree
EVV Satyanarayana
Lagadapati Sirisha Sridhar
Evadi Gola Vadidhi
Suits the times
IndiaGlitz [Monday, January 24, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

It is never easy to score music for a comedy film. It has got something to with the essential format.

But Kamalakar seems to have overcome that in Evadi Gola Vadide. He has used expected tunes. But he has used them judiciously. The singers are also in fine form through out. Kamalakar deserves plaudits for getting the best out of his singers.

1) Ammo Vadevedo Gani

Malgudi Shubha, Malathi,Tippu. With these three singers around, the song can be only of one type. It is a folksy mass one. The tune is not a redeeming one. But the singers more than compensate for that with their go-for-the-jugular style. The lyrics are hardly heard. But the song is not for the eager ears, but for the flailing feet.

2) Bangalakatham

Some people write him as KK. Some as Kay Kay. Some others as Key, Key. The point is whichever way you write him, his voice is the same sweet self. Even in a par tune like this, his strong points of well-grounded style and substance come through. The instrumentation may be predictable, Kay, Kay or just KK, is good.

3) Banthi Lanti Bama

Tippu and Shalini are the new generation of singers for whom tune doesn't matter ----they just give their best. And they have in this. The tune is another mass one interspersed with western orchestration. It can sound weird. But the lead singers make a match of it. That at the end of it all, you are dancing in your chair.

4) Kala Kadhuga Chelya

The theme music of the film is based on this song. And when you listen to it, you understand why. Both Karthik and Sadhana Sargham are in exemplary form. Karthik, in particular, seems like banana dipped in vannila scoop ---just moves along smoothly and easily. Sadhana sings in a vein that is slightly new to her. Kamalakar, the music director, seems to try too hard when it comes to instrumentation. He goes for too many varietations and that robs the song of single identifiable identity.


5) Thaka Thaka Thaya

Sivaranjini raga time. The variation of this song is almost a weather-worn cliche in Telugu films. The song uses this and sevaral others in the book. The beat and rhythm have been heard several times over. The tune also holds no novelty. But then again, like other songs in the album, the singers bring home the bacon. Both Karthik, whose voice is firm, and Usha, whose is sweet, combine naturally.

6) Vareva --mixed song

This is a medley (though the lyrics are different) and long-winded. Somebody playing Antakshari can find it a lot of use. It is fun.

7) Theme music always have a touch of melancholy to it. That is primarily because of the quintessence of the instruments. This one also is good despite the beat being on the run-of-the-mill kind.

On the whole, Kamalakar has come up with tunes that are in harmony with the modern times.