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Yennamo Yedho Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 25, 2014 • Tamil ]
Yennamo Yedho Review
Ravi Prasad Productions
Gautham Karthik, Rakul Preet Singh, Nikisha Patel, Prabhu
Ravi Thiyagarajan
P.Ravikumar, P.V.Prasad

Having aided in the making of successful movies for decades, Ravi Prasad Outdoor Unit turns a new leaf, with a brand new venture into producing films. The first to roll out of the prestigious Raviprasad Productions is the Tamil remake of Tollywood blockbuster romantic comedy flick 'Ala Modalaindi'. Needless to say, the film received tremendous reception even months after its release. For the dear K-town audience that love rom-coms, debutante Ravi Thyagarajan has brought home the perfect recipe for enjoyment with 'Yennamo Yedho'. From the very title, inspired by the song of 2011, from 'Ko', the film points to romance from the very first note. And comedy of errors constitutes the remaining part of entertainment in the movie.

Chakravarthi (Prabhu) holds Gautam captive and is driving him at gun point, to a faraway place. Gautam panics and tries every method to escape, only to realise that he is very well stuck. With not any option left, he begins to narrate his own story and his urgency to Chakravarthi. The story begins from not one but two love failures. Gautam (Gautam Karthik) falls in love with pretty woman Simran, with who he flirts while Nithya (Rakul Preet Singh) on the other hand falls for doctor cousin Anand. But both love stories fail the respective parties and Gautam and Nithya happen to meet in distress at Simran-Anand's wedding. They regret their past, drink beyond they can handle, curse the partners that cheated them, dance together and strike a friendship in the most unlikely fashion. After the wedding, the two depart to their respective cities; but they meet again, when they bump into each other in Chennai. Over the few days that they spend together, everything that Nithya does impresses Gautam - her simple and righteous ideas, her straightforward attitude and her mere presence that brings charm. Fate would have it that only when Gautam musters the courage to express his love to Nithya, he finds out she is engaged to Raja. Regret and despair fills his life once again and it is his mother who comforts him the best in this stage. And it is in this phase that Gautam resorts to a decision that further complicates the problem till a proper solution and a happy ending is arrived at, in climax.

What works :

Though most often this concept is shied away from, the first impression that Nandini Reddy creates in this movie is her bold yet simple outlook to differentiate love from attraction and infatuation. It is not wrong to like more than one person, and it is perfectly alright to have had crushes and attractions, for which one may get to any extent of stunt in an effort to impress; and after all this, there is still room for undying promise of love. Ravi Thyagarajan has taken care of every detail in casting convincingly lovely families. The rapport between Gautam and his mother has been highlighted generously in the movie, and they are more of buddies than a parent and son. While Gautam Karthik has performed a charming chocolate boy in general, he is also an adorable son and the apple of his mother's eye. Anupama Kumar, on the other hand befits the role with her attitude just right to connect to the audience - so much so that her loss is palpable, against the backdrop of Imman's moving music and Vaikom Vijayalakshmi's captivating voice. Similarly, the parent-daughter relationship is beautifully captured in the case of Nithya and her father. Screenplay is classy as the story translated to on screen picturing has a logical sequence and flow that connects every piece, despite the presence of so many characters.

Given that this is only his second, Gautam Karthik has done a tremendous job as the charming protagonist. Comedy, action and romance aspects of his talent have been well proven and put to use in the film. His dance skills have also been captured well in a couple of songs. Rakul is playing the heroine after 'Puthagam' and she is an on screen charm. Her expressions are well in place to depict a bubbly girl who lives and enjoys every moment. Her skills with dance have also been pictured very well. Prabhu plays Chakravarthi, one of the most wanted criminals with a background of 15 years in kidnapping and murders and about 120 criminal cases filed against him. The daredevil, nonetheless, forms the backbone of situational comedy in the movie and helps maintain thrill in screenplay, especially at the interval block. Being strict and also sorry for most of the confusion, Prabhu plays his role as the typical lightheaded rowdy in a tight spot. Featuring for a brief period, Nikeesha Patel as Kavya is beautiful, attractive and convincing in adding another dimension to the story.

With the award winning art director in board, the movie, no doubt, is a visual treat. Lalgudi Ilayaraja of 'Vishwaroopam' fame has ensured that the film is colourful, bright and appealing to the eyes. Gopi Jagadeeswaran has complimented the screen setting very well. With his cinematography adding the right light to every scene, Gopi has ensured his end of perfection for soothing entertainment. Imman proves his prowess once again with this film - the tracks have trended as chart toppers for months, and they are just as good to watch in the sequence of the movie as well. Background score is subtle yet strongly influences the movie experience on the whole. Alen's editing is worth mentioning, for his perfection with so many colours and the smooth transition between scenes, with immense consistency all through the film.

What doesn't...

Music, no doubt is enjoyable, but a couple of songs somewhat hinder the flow of movie. Though these are good visual treats nonetheless, they fail to justify the flow of story. Except for the climax, there is hardly any other incident in the movie that explicitly demonstrates the understanding of Nithya by her father. This could have been highlighted in more scenes than just the two in the second half. The only comedy scene involving innuendo is a tad too bold, which could have made to be a little more appealing, keeping in mind audience of all age groups. Gautam's sister's sudden absence from the screen remains unexplained. The film is the remake of 'Ala Modalaindi', but it seems to have drawn way too much inspiration from the parent screenplay, in each and every scene.

Anyway, a little put off does not hinder the wholesome entertainment. A little bit of action, a lot of comedy - mostly situational and full of romance, 'Yennamo Yedho' is a fairly clean entertainer and a lighthearted movie experience to chill out on, with friends and family. However, be sure not to hold any expectations or prejudiced opinions based on 'Ala Modalaindi'.

Verdict- Lighthearted entertainer

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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