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Yeidhavan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 12, 2017 • Tamil ]
Yeidhavan Review
Friends Festival Films
Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, Vela Ramamoorthy, Aadukalam Naren, Rajkumar, Saretheran, Valavan, Madras Vinoth, Krishna Kumar, Gautham, Sandra Amy
Sakthi Rajasekaran
S. Sudhakaran
Paartav Barggo

Through his debut directorial ‘Yeidhavan’ , Sakthi Rajasekaran has tried to expose a corrupt network that affects the Medical education in Tamil Nadu, in the form of an action thriller with a few twists and many characters . Let’s see how the film has succeeded as entertainer and enlightening about the subject it deals with.

Krishna (Kalaiyarasan) is a middle class youngster who runs a firm selling the machines to detect fake currency notes. His younger sister (Sowmiya) aspires to become a Doctor. She fails to get a seat in merit despite getting good marks in board exams.

Unable to let go his sister’s dream, Krishna collects money beyond his capacity and pays Rs.50 lakhs as capitation fees through an agent and gets a seat in a private medical college. Only later he learns that the approval for the Medical College has been cancelled by the Medical Council of India. The future of the first year students including Krishna’s sister who have paid large money to acquire a seat in that college becomes a big question mark.

When he tries to get back the capitation fees his sister dies under mysterious circumstances. Krishna learns that Gowtham (Gowtham) who runs the medical college is behind the death of his sister and he is also out to spoil the future of the students who have started protesting to save their education.

Krishna decides that it is not just enough to avenge his sister’s death but also he needs to safeguard the medical education and future of the other students of that college. He knows well that he has to use his brain rather than brawn to do that against Gowtham, the selfish and wicked son of an influential businessman who also runs a network of agents and goondas.

Corruption and bribery in the state’s private medical institutions is no secret. Through ‘Yeidhavan’ director Sakthi Rajasekaran has shown the ways and means of how money plays its role in medical education of Tamil Nadu especially in the private colleges. The director’s hard work and research to bring it out in detail is commendable.

There is a sub plot involving Dharman (Krishna), a paid killer, intelligently interlinked in to the main plot. The hero uses him to take on Gowtham and how he does that makes the film predominantly engaging with a fair share of twists and surprise elements. There is also a revelation about a death that comes as a surprise in the pre-interval block and that helps a lot in sustaining the momentum throughout the second half. The heroine (Satna Titus) is not just hero’s love interest. She is a cop and with the limited screen time plays a vital role in the script. The dialogues especially the ones uttered by Kalaiyarasan are powerful and enhance the impact of the film.

These are the elements that make ‘Yeidhavan’ stand out a action thriller. But one could not help feeling that given its tropical plot and the clever ideas in constructing the script, the film could have been more than just engaging. It could have been racier and even engrossing, if the director had avoided someclichéd elements such as songs that religiously follow the format of a commercial film (A duet and an item number) which are not pleasing on the ears as well.

The climax is somewhat disappointing as Krishna who was until then a common man suddenly becomes a mighty action hero. The introduction of many characters makes it difficult to follow the proceedings.

The lead role in this film does not offer any challenge to Kaliayrasan and he just does justice by suiting its requirements. Same goes for Satna Titus.

Debutant Gowtham brings the Richman’s attitude with his body language and is equally menacing as the villain. Krishna as Dharman gives a neat performance while Aadukalam Naren as Karna, the Man Friday of Gowtham makes his presence felt. Vela Ramamoorthy comes for just a few scenes in the first half and we get the feel that the talented performer could have been used more.

Debutant Paartav Baargo does a below par job with his rerecording and the songs are also not catchy.

Premkumar has done a fantastic job with the camera. Editor I.J.Allen has done his part well in presenting such a story with multiple characters without confusing the audience.

Verdict: ‘Yeidhavan’ is an engaging action thriller which also throws light on a corrupt network that seriously affects the quality of medical education in Tamil Nadu.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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