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Yathumagi Music Review

Yathumagi Music Review
Chozha Ponnurangam
Sunaina, Sachin
R. Balakumar
Sakthi Sangavi, Mohana Sangavi
James Vasanthan
Simple and soft
Friday, August 7, 2009 • Tamil Comments

After the success of Subramaniapuram and Pasanga, comes music composer James Vasanthan with `Yathumagi'.

Supposedly a romantic entertainer, the movie with a poetic title promises a lot. Perhaps proving this, James Vasanthan had stated recently that he agreed for the project touched by its storyline.

With the likes of Vijay Yesudass, Benny Dayal, Chitra and Deepa Miriam singing, the album has lot to offer and the melody master in James Vasanthan comes to the fore.

1. Parthadhum - Listen here

Singer: Vijay Yesudass and Chitra

It is a catchy melody. Begins with a soft music, the interludes stick to our heart instantly. Rhythm is the highlight of the song. Hats off James Vasanthan.

2. Yathumagi - Listen here

Singer: Benny Dayal

A Mahakavi Bharthiyar song set in a trendy musical score. Benny Dayal's delightful rendition make it cool. It's an East meeting West number. James Vasanthan has given more thrust to lyrics.

3. Pesum Minsaram - Listen here

Singer: Benny Dayal

A solo sung in higher octaves by Benny Dayal is a fresh one that leaves an instant impact with the listener. The harmony, instrumentation and interludes are a delight.

4. Thigatta Thigatta - Listen here

Singer: Deepa Miriam

The Kangal Irandal girl is back with bang. The song deals about the experience of falling in love. It's cudly and soft. With James Vasanthan's catchy composition, the song is sure to go places.

5. Yaradhu Yaro Yaro - Listen here

Singer: Belli Raj and Madhumitha

A trendy but a classical tune is what James Vasanthan has opted for the number. It is like a marriage between between a vintage song and contemporary music. Both Beli Raj and Madhumitha excel.

6. Koothadichidava - Listen here

Singer: Prasad, Ramkumar, Vijay Uma and Sarayu

A racy and ripping song. The chorus gives the song a unique feel. It stands out thanks to some rhyme lyrics.

All said, Yathumagi is an album that is sure to delight fans who love good music. James Vasanthan is no doubt on song literally.