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Yahaan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, July 31, 2005 • Hindi ]
Yahaan Review
Jimmy Shergill, Minissha, Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari, Dolly Ahluwalia, Gyan Prakash
Shoojit Sircar
Gary G, Shoojit Sircar, Robby Grewal
Shantanu Moitra

'Yahaan' is a love story between an army man and a local girl set in the troubled valley of Kashmir. Directed by adman Shoojit Sircar who debuts as a movie director, 'Yahaan' could have been an engrossing tale but due to intermittent slackening of pace, some loose editing and story not moving forward at a few places, the impact gets diluted in an otherwise well shot film.

Thankfully the movie, inspite of being heavily revolving around an army camp in Kashmir, doesn't indulge in pseudo-patriotism and sticks to its basic subject. How much better the final outcome would have been only if the love story woven around the two principal characters could have been more impacting. Because this is where the movie suffers the most - you just don't feel for the lovers to a degree where you could empathize with their situation!

The movie begins with the situation of Kashmir in late 80s when the trouble started brewing in the valley due to influences by outside forces. This is when a well read journalist Shakeel [Yashpal Sharma] gets carried away and becomes one of the militants who want an 'azad Kashmir'. From here the movie takes a quick jump by a few years when Captain Aman [Jimmy Shergill] gets his first posting in the valley.

On way to an army operation, he comes across Adaa [Minissha Lamba], a local girl (who is thankfully not a stereotype Kashmiri girl but an educated one with a mind of her own). She has an adopted Hindu sister Shree, a loving granny [Dolly Ahluwalia] and a father who is distressed due to changing fortunes in Kashmir. Still, it's a family happy who want to live on in life regardless of the situation out on the streets.

As luck would have it, Aman's post is set outside Adaa's house and as expected, they two fall in love. While their love is brewing, the terror in the valley continues to show its ugly face with bullets flying and bombs exploding every time when peace seems to be just a distance away. Another important factor that threatens the couple to get united is an unwritten rule - Army and locals are not allowed to form any relationship due to mutual distrust!

Things just seem to be getting better for Aman and Adaa when something unthinkable happens. There is a bomb blast in the middle of a crowded market and the bomb is placed by none other than Shakeel, who turns out to be Adaa's real brother. Aman is held captive by Shakeel soon and when Adaa helps him escape, Major [Mukesh Tiwari, in an 'always seen before' role] files a report against him for being a traitor due to his links with Adaa and hence with even Shakeel and the rest of the terrorist group.

Aman is set for a court martial while terrorists set a demand for the Government Of India to release their leader. In all this mayhem, Adaa runs pillar to post from Army to human rights association to print media and the government officials to prove Aman's innocence.

What happens next? Does Aman get released scot-free? Are there any indications of terrorism getting wiped away from the beautiful paradise called Kashmir? Are Aman and Adaa united forever?

An interesting storyline that could have touched the heart strings in a big way, the biggest strength of the movie is the way it has been shot. Excellent camerawork coupled with mind-blowing cinematography by Jakob Ihre could give any international war movie a run for its money. The blue shades accompanying every frame of the movie creates magic on screen while transferring you to an outside world. Most of the action sequences are authentically shot that get enhanced with a brilliant sound design. In fact technically speaking, it is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the recent times.

But as said earlier, where the movie falters is the sudden halt that the movie takes at least 4-5 times during i

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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