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Yaavarum Nalam Music Review

Yaavarum Nalam Music Review
Madhavan, Neetu Chandra, Saranya
Vikram Kumar
Big Pictures
Exquisitely tuned melodies
Thursday, March 5, 2009 • Tamil Comments

Well, when the most adept auteurs in Kollywood didn't go for the knottiest bet of churning out a horrendous flick, Vikram brims with exigent efforts for such a genre. Specifically, `Yaavarum Nalam' is patently based on couple of ideas - `When Television is Good, Nothing is Better; When TV is Bad, Nothing is worse'. If Newton N Minow quotes this way, there's something nicer and quite relevant too - `Art imitates Life while Life imitates Television'. Vikram who seems to be vibrantly limned by some of real life issues has made a spine-tingling edge-seated thriller.

Not all the times, do songs favor for such genres? But Yaavarum Nalam has a mix of aplomb, romantic as well skittish musicals.  Perhaps, one can judge how mesmerizing melodies would suit the horror film only post-the-show. Shankar-Ehasan-Loy: The trio combo swayed several chartbusters in Bollywood and they're back in town after `Aalavandhan'.

1. Yaavarum Nalam - Listen here

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics: Thamarai

Aye! As you heed to this outstanding melody, it's soothing to your minds. Possibly, there's a question how far this song would fit the room of horror. Forget it, Thamarai's `sweet-to-heart' lyrics keep it intact and Shankar's voice adds more colors to the tuneful piece of 100secs. Interludes on Harmonica sound alike to Rahman's `Nazren Milana Nazren Churana' of Jaane Ya Tu Jaane Na.. Remix of this song on latter part of list has a kind of March beats where the song starts off later with frets on bass guitars continually stricken; finally it's all about a decent piece.

2. ChinnakKuyil - Listen here

Singer: Karthik

Lyrics: Thamarai

Yet again, mellifluous lyrics and music offers invigorations of good feel amongst listeners. Looks like a song that seems to be pictured on a sweet-flavored family. P.C. Sriram's cinematography should further enhance the quality on the screens. Karthik's voice shines all throughout the show and musician's brilliancy is revealing with well-engineered fill-ins of mild percussions and vibes. The remix version of `Chinna Kuyil' has nothing extraordinary as the melodious tune again overbeats the added-rhythms.

3. Kaatrilae Vaasame - Listen here

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra

Lyrics: Thamarai

Starts off with spooky interlude on forte-piano and gets followed by the repetitive rock beats. The touching part commences when Chitra joins Shankar. For a groovier result, Shankar could've preferred for a singer like Karthik again for his husky voice doesn't spell the feel of passionate touch. Nevertheless, bits and pieces of innovational instrumental works do diminish the trivial off-putting factors. Moreover, the remix rendition is nothing but all about modulating the voices, inserting engineered sound-effects and transposing them on whole.

4. Oh Sexy Mama - Listen here

Singer: Jazzie Gift, Anuradha Sriram & Loy Mendonsa
Lyrics: Thamarai

Call it `Capricious Number' as it goes off-the-wall from the style of previous songs. A sizzling number that goes gratifying for the young lads and misses as Maddy overwhelms with `Choco-chap' image shaking legs with alluring missies on the backdrop. It's been frequently aired for promo across satellite channels and preferably, if our guesses turn to be right, it would be an apt one to fill the screens during final rolling credits. The combo of singers with their unique nature of vocalisms takes it for an appealing vista.

Of course, don't miss the remix version that's scintillating from the first-till-last second as sound mixing is fantabulous. Doubtlessly, it would go straight onto the disco floors or for those looking out for this ducky Jazzy-Hip Hop mix on their stereos.

5. Theme Music - Listen here

Best choices to kick-start theme music for arousing the feel of horripilation. It goes all the way with single-noted `fortepiano' and `mildly played stringed instrument'. The later part is well-organized with best percussions and brass instruments blended with female's modest vocalization that offers a dreaded feel. The signature music with such top-notching elements urges the listeners to experience the unique arena.

On the whole, `Yaavarum Nalam' has good melodies, skittish tunes and of course Jazzy-pops with wonderful remixes. Hope, this indeed gets the trio Shankar-Ehasan-Loy more offers on the line that makes us privileged few more good music.

Verdict: Worth heeding to.

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