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Yaakkai Music Review

Yaakkai Music Review
Prim Production
Kreshna,Swathi Reddy,Prakash Raj
Kuzhandhai Velappan
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, October 15, 2016 • தமிழ்] Comments

Directed by Kuzhandhai Velappan, Yaakkai is a medical thriller, starring Kreshna and Swathi. After quite some time, this album sports the YSR tag; so, is this a comeback of sorts for Yuvan? Let's find out.

1. Nee - Listen Here
Yuvan Shankar Raja

The opening male solo is a refreshing number, reminiscent of the early 2000's YSR streak. The song begins in guitars, and is steadily backed predominantly by strums, with a little bit of beat crescendos here and there.  Along the lines of the trademark typical of Yuvan, the song has an innate zest to it, despite being a melodious number, thanks to the occasional chorus which replaces the break in background beats, as a build-up of a storm of energy. Rendered in Yuvan's stand-alone voice, the song follows a tune that, despite a steady rhythm, is seemingly free-flowing, making it sweeter and light as a whole.

2. Solli Tholaiyen Ma - Listen Here
    Voice: Dhanush
    Lyrics: Vignesh Shivan

This song is a male solo as well; not one of rapture, but of a strain of desperation. Carefully worded to suit the mood, yet not getting clingy or explicit, the song relies heavily and equally on strings and beats. There's a peppy edge to the song with the addition of a set of sharp and shrill beeps. Thoughtfully worded and carefully rendered in an emotion to showcase frustration of waiting, yet not sounding offensive, the song has the trick to relate to and win hearts easily, in a catchy appeal.

3. Naan Ini Kaatril - Listen Here
Yuvan Shankar Raja, Chinmayee
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay

The first duet of the album is a romantic exchange. The speciality of this song is that it uses absolutely no  beats. The melody relies heavily on strums and strings which back the lyrical exchange that is a fitt of poetic dialogue. The song is a sweet and soothing number, with innovative choice of words, rendered in realistic voices. Given the nature of the song, there is a quartet orchestral magnificence towards the end notes of the song, which make up for a jewel on the crown, to this genre.

4.Ennulae - Listen Here
Tanvi Shah
   Lyrics: Pa Vijay

The last track of this crisp album is an intelligent composition for a low voltage number. This song is also devoid of any beats (but for noticeably little), is worded poetically to suit sacrificial shades of love; and all the poetical aptitude comes to light in Tanvi's soul-stirring rendition. The song is further strengthened by the careful use of bass orchestra, to set the mood in place. The little xylophone brief brings us back to the present, while the rest of the song sends us afloat on gloomy dream - Ennulae is a song describing confusion in its typicality.

Having been boxed inside the trove for rather long now, the album's release now stirs healthy curiosity for Yaakkai. With an intriguing twist to mainstream generic songs, Yaakkai is a subjective album.

Verdict: Discrete, unitary

Rating: 2.75