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Ya Ya Music Review

Ya Ya Music Review
Shiva, Santhanam, Sandhya, Dhansika
I. Rajasekaran
MS Murugaraj
Vijay Ebenezer
Music Review
Thursday, June 20, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Two roll licking clowns of Kollywood are coming together for Ya Ya, touted to be a commercial entertainer has Dhansika playing the lady love of Shiva and Sandhya pairing up with Santhanam. Directed by Rajasekaran, this will be a Vijay Ebenezer musical. The movie's trailer was unveiled recently and received positive responses. All the lyrics of this album are penned by Viveka.

Friend ae Podhu
Singers: K.G. Ranjith, Steeve Vatz

For starters, all the rudiments of a friendship song sum up this song. Of the numerous songs that Tamil Cinema boasted on friendship, this too will have its name carved in, only however if the visual live up to its chunky beats. A nothing out of the box kind, it simply sings the praise of having a friend throughout. An electronic clap recursively throngs through the song with some English rap trying to match the next gen folks. Steeve's guitar is a winner without a doubt and the chorus does pave well.
Oru Kannaadiya
Singers: Karthik

A powerful singer is who our Karthik is, and who better is to sing a sorrowful song that clings on to Kuthu gimmicks as well. The song is a huge reminiscent of Harris's "Anjale" and "Vendam macha", only with a few rustic jiggles. Viveka has been delegated the job of carving a youth's musing of craving over a lost love and friend. The song works in parts riding on the strengths of Karthik's mannish voice, however the fizz is irate between the interludes.
Needhaane Endru
Singers: Krish, Suchitra

The effective use of Flute and repetitive bass is the only solace in this song which has Krish and Suchitra a much acclaimed pair crooning their voices. Suchitra is sweet as always and her charming singing breathes a whiff of fresh air. Vijay Ebenezer seems to have a great liking of Chorus and through the album he has used them extensively. The song lacks innovation in parts with the flute as the only relief. A could've been better Love song, which might have been enhanced if the brief Sax could've taken a larger role.

Needhaane Endru
Singers: Krish, Suchitra

Yet another friendship song, what more can we expect from a movie that shows two chunky dudes of Kollywood in the lead. The song is a marriage of heavy Rock metal with local kuthu and folk elements with guitarist Steeve lending his voice. Yet again, the lyrics are very much like the first number citing there is nothing wanted other than a friend, only Steeve's makeshift tone sets pace along with some intense metal percussions.

Boomi Nalla
Singers: Malavika, Rahul Nambiar

Vijay drubs his romantic medallion in this song with a string of instruments that vary across folk and sluggish westernization. A happy-go charmer this one, it has Malivaka's mellow tone matching up with evergreen Rahul Nambiar's voice. The duo's voice loop over the orchestration and a lively song however lacks novelty. Viveka however scores by penning some heartwarming lyrics depicting the new found love; of course we are at dark if it will be Santhanam or Shiva here.

Yaaru Kitta
Singers: Krish, MLR Karthikeyan

You've heard it before, and yet again it is the hero worship song that bangs the praise loud and clear. But considering this to be a comical outing, it should be fun and peppy to watch. Vijay perks off with some groovy beats that roars with heavy bass chords and then of course, no self-praising song is complete without the Kuthu number. A complete commercial pot boiler album intended to charm the masses and the fans of Shiva and Santhanam.
Verdict: Music carved with the comical visualization in mind.