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Woh Lamhe Music Review

Woh Lamhe Music Review
Vishesh Films
Shaad Randhawa, Kangna Ranaut, Shiny Ahuja
Mohit Suri
Mukesh Bhatt
A Mixed Bag
Monday, August 21, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Vishesh Films have a knack for musical finesse. Their music is a pleasant departure from the usual. Be it `Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin', `Zakhm', `Murder', Zeher' and the more recent `Gangster', Bhatt Camp comes up with super hit musical ditties. `Woh Lamhe' is once again a total departure from their earlier films. Pritam has been repeated after the spectacular success of `Gangster'. The album starts off with a brilliantly happening `Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai'. Sung by KK, it has some fabulous chorus sections. `Chal Chale' by James and `Bin Tere' by Jawad Ahmad are uncut gems that glisten with spectacular brilliance. But the album also has a couple of average numbers in `So Jaoon Main' composed by Roop Kumar Rathod and `Tu Jo Nahin'. Both the songs have a version each, so that makes it four rather uninspired songs. But if you listen to `Woh Lamhe' as a whole, it's a good album that's worth a buy. For the brilliant more than compensates for the not-so-good.

The best song of the album comes first up. `Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai' is a winner from the moment it starts with that brilliant chorus line. Bhatt Camp always concentrates on extremely catchy chorus segments, be it `Murder', `Zeher', `Kalyug' or `Gangster'. And now `Woh Lamhe' begins with a scintillating one too. Kay Kay belts out another scorcher in his emotion packed voice layered with fabulous harmony. It's an out and out soft rock number with guitar plucking to begin with and electric guitar fillers dotting the entire fabric of the song. The drum progression is almost as if it is played live with rolls-n-snares coming into play unobtrusively. It's a number that you can listen endlessly. The remix of `Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai' has been done by duo of DJ A-Myth and DJ Kiran. It's a club mix with a penchant for hitting the Bull's Eye. You shall dance to it, groove to it in your car and cherish a fun filled party at home as well.

`Chal Chale' is sung by James. Yes, he is the same guy who gave loads of attitude-n-longevity to `Gangster' number `Bheegi Bheegi'. It is apparent that he is not familiar with English very much, yet, his bassy voice is a treat in every sense of the word. The music arrangements are simple and unpretentious. Harmonica gels with acoustic guitar strumming while the strings outline the ambience of romance. Chand Lamhe Tu Mujhe Inse Door Kar.Chal Chale Apne Ghar Hamsafar.Sayeed Qadri's lyrics talks about emptiness and life and how transformation takes place due to coming-along of that someone special. A haunting number.

`Tu Jo Nahin' is a romantic ghazal with modern music arrangements. Glen John's singing style is pleasant and soothing. But there's nothing outstanding about the song. Even Sayeed Qadri's lyrics are pretty ordinary especially when fitting it into the idiom of a Ghazal. There's the trademark Tabla theka and the strings going merry in a typical ninetees' style of music arrangements championed by Nadeem-Shravan and Anu Malik. It starts in a laidback manner and ends with a whimper as well. A disappointment is all I can say especially coming from a banner that gave us `Gali Mein Aaj Chaand Nikla'. Glen has sung another version of the same number. Except for a change in lyrics, the music arrangements by Pritam remain the same. Another strange thing about this song, is that it has been mentioned in the credits: Music Arranged by Pritam. But it has not been specified if Pritam is the music composer as well or if someone else has composed the song. Nevertheless, my opinion is still the same: A song that will appeal to a limited audience.

Shreya Ghoshal sings Roop Kumar Rathod's composition `So Jaoon Main' in a pathos-filled voice. Once again, the idea is to work out a composition on the lines of a Ghazal. But it fails to impress. Shakeel Azmi's lyrics, doesn't have anything differe