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With Luv... Tumhaara Music Review

With Luv... Tumhaara Music Review
Preeti Jhangiani, Anupama Verma, Pravin Dabas, Nakul Vaid, Pankaj Berry, Lalit Parashar, Manmeet Singh, Master Hardik, Sanjeev Tiwari, Sharad Saxena
Kamal D. Nathani
Rakesh Bhhatia
Pleasant Melodies
Wednesday, November 29, 2006 • Hindi Comments

With Luv Tumhara is a pleasant surprise in more ways than one for I was not expecting much from it anyway. Composer Sudeep Banerjee impresses very much with his minimalistic music arrangements. And just when I was getting very impressed, he disappoints by singing three out of eight numbers on the album. He is a far better composer and a below average singer. Shreya Ghoshal in Dheere Dheere and Kyun Ho Khafa is a revelation all the way while Shaan is in his element in Zindaggi. Maula was tailor made for Kailash Kher but somehow this composition is let down by below par music arrangements. An album that started off on a very promising note ended up being a mixed bag. It's your call whether you wish to check out Dheere Dheere and Zindagi on radio or buy the album.

Dheere Dheere is easily one of the better romantic songs that I've heard this year. This delightfully simple composition is made special by Shreya Ghoshal's honey-almond voice that touches your heart lyrically. Be it the gentle guitar plucking, sedate bass line, flute impressions, soothing male chorus or a salubrious rhythm pattern. Shreya Ghoshal is maturing very fast. A smile that melts into a light laughter smells of immense maturity and understanding. Ideal, for a monsoon evening with that someone-special gazing with you towards that Matheran evening sky!

There's another version of Dheere Dheere which is sung by composer Sudeep Banerjee himself. And I think it's a big mistake on his part. For every composer need not be a good singer as well. His voice is flat and more or less emotionless. The entire aura created by Shreya is evaporated by Sudeep's sorry version. Bad move.

The keyboard harmonica carries off the vestiges of Dheere Dheere in Zindagi where Shaan is enjoying himself immensely. This song carries a heard-before-feel but when you don't get tired of listening to it then it means the song carries a distinct personality of its own. Once again Sudeep Banerjee impresses for he doesn't try too hard to impress. Minimalistic music arrangements are the highlight. A bit of piano, lustrous chorus vocals, gentle keyboard drum pattern, lilting keyboard fillers, fine strings coating and full-of-emotions voice of Shaan instills life in Zindagi. Worth many a play!

The sad version of Zindagi has been sung by Sudeep Banerjee once again. Here I must say, it's a much better rendition as compared with Dheere Dheere. And he has been aided to a large extent by the addition of large doses of reverb. But I still maintain that Sudeep Banerjee should desist from singing. He is no patch on Shaan.

Rutho Naa starts off well as far as the music arrangements are concerned. But Sudeep Banerjee's vocals lets down once again. There's something lacking in his voice. Somehow it is not at all sited for playback singing. He is definitely a fine composer but he should stick to that.

Kyun Ho Khafa begins on a promising note with a delirious saxophone strain. It mixes well with a well manicured bass line and a steady rhythm progression. Shreya Ghoshal is in her elements singing this impassioned number with a practiced intoxication. Sexy female chorus, keyboard piano and wonderful fillers makes this song a pleasant experience all the way. Nothing outstanding..But definitely worth a listen many times over.

Kailash Kher is the ideal choice for Maula. This spiritually inclined song starts off with the sound of manjeere followed by an ensemble of tabla beats. But I would say that the music arrangements lack finesse at strategic points, especially the pieces in the middle. More time and thought ought to have been devoted in selection of live instruments instead of unkempt keyboard sounds in such a song as this. Kailash o