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With Luv... Tumhaara Preview

With Luv... Tumhaara Peview
Preeti Jhangiani, Anupama Verma, Pravin Dabas, Nakul Vaid, Pankaj Berry, Lalit Parashar, Manmeet Singh, Master Hardik, Sanjeev Tiwari, Sharad Saxena
Kamal D. Nathani
Rakesh Bhhatia

With Luv... Tumhaara

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Love triangles have always been in vogue since Raj Kapoor made the subject immortal with 'Sangam'. Decades down the line, films based on this theme are still being churned out in dozens. 'With Love...Tumhara' is one such film that is produced by Rakesh Bhhatia under his banner Bhartiya Global Infomedia Ltd. (BGIL) and has been directed by Kamal D. Nathani.

Anuradha [Preeti Jhangiani] and Akshay [Nakul Vaid] were once a happy couple. Truly in love, those moments were sheer bliss when they were together. But tragedy stuck and Akshay was no more.

Staying with her father-in-law Col. Kapoor, she was living life mechanically with her heart still beating for Akshay.

Things were destined to change for Anuradha with the entry of Rahul [Pravin Dabas], an Army man in her household. Reason? This handsome young man reminded Anuradha of Akshay and it became further difficult for her to come out of her grief. In fact things reached to such an end that she wanted Rahul to leave the house and go away from her life permanently.

This could have happened but Col. Kapoor meeting with a sudden heart attack resulted in Rahul staying back to take care of things at home. Meanwhile Rahul had problems of his own since his fiancee Neha [Anupama Verma] wanted him to come back to her soon.

Days passed by and Col. Kapoor recovered, only to find himself in a cheerful state of mind whenever Rahul was around him. Just like Anuradha, even he saw Akshay in Rahul and started treating him as his own. His fondness for Rahul grew to such an extent that he even threw an idea of Anuradha getting married to Rahul.

There wasn't much time for Anuradha to think about the proceedings in her life. Soon Neha too arrived on the scene and with her Rahul went away permanently from Anuradha's life.

But can true love stay away for long?

Because Rahul realizes his true feelings for Anuradha and returns to her and expresses his feelings. On the other hand Anuradha realizes that for her it was Akshay, and only Akshay. She asks Rahul to leave and herself relocates to Delhi to work for an NGO.

Months pass by and Anuradha feels that everything would be same as ever. But that was never meant to be. Because on her return back to home, she gets the news that Rahul had never returned back to Army and had instead stayed back at the Colonel's place to finish the social activities she was a part of. She is also pleased by the fact that Colonel was happy with Rahul's presence and had recuperated well.

As expected, Colonel proposes Rahul being an ideal groom for Anuradha once again. But this time around Rahul decides to make a silent exit. And why not? After all he didn't want to get into a situation once again when he had agreed for the match while Anuradha was still not ready for it.

But this time around things had changed for Anuradha. She had realized that Rahul truly loved her, courtesy Colonel who told her about numerous instances where Rahul had proved himself to be the best man she could get.

Rahul is on his way back while Anuradha is all set to stop him. Will she be able to get her true love back? Or will she loose it the second time around?