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Waiting Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, May 26, 2016 • Hindi ]
Waiting Review
Ishka Films, Drishyam Films
Kalki Koechlin, Naseeruddin Shah, Rajat Kapoor, Arjun Mathur, Suhasini Mani Ratnam
Anu Menon
Priti Gupta, Manish Mundra


When it comes to performance based films, Naseeruddin Shah has inspired many people associated with filmmaking. His association with many meaningful cinema in his early days has earned him an immense amount of respect among many filmmakers, actors and the audiences. Similarly, despite of a very short career, Kalki Koechlin is trying to add credibility to herself as a good actor. These actors team up together in 'Waiting' and that too in pivotal roles. The trailer has been well received by all those who love such type of realistic simple films. On the mass level the trailer and even the title of the film has failed to register. So ‘Waiting’ has a decent amount of expectations, but only with a niche audience. As for others the movie will have to depend on strong positive word of mouth.


'Waiting', is a story of Shiv (Naseeruddin Shah) whose wife Pankaja (Suhasini Maniratnam) is in coma. Shiv's life has been revolving around the doctors and the waiting room. Out there he meets Tara (Kalki Koechlin), whose newly married husband Rajat (Arjun Mathur) is in critical condition after a dreadful accident. Tara is trying to cope up with this sudden crisis in her life, while Shiv is dealing this, calmly. Together, they develop a unique friendship while sharing their part of grief.

The 'Glitz' Factor

The story is different and has been presented in a unique manner. The first half deals with the plot setting and some great moments between the lead protagonists. There are some good scenes featuring Naseeruddin, Kalki and Rajat Kapoor. The memories of Suhasini and Arjun are heart touching leading to an open end in the finale. The cinematography goes well with the flow of the film.

Speaking about the music 'Zara Zara' is soulful and 'Tu Hain' is well placed in the background. Director Anu Menon comes up with this unique tale of two strangers bonding over their grief and succeeds in the initial phase of the film but fails to enhance it later. Keeping those minor glitches aside the movie has some brilliant moments and good amount of detailing attached to it. The characters are sharply etched and have been presented very well. Naseeruddin Shah is impressive. He balances his character with showcasing his calmness along with the arguing side. Kalki Koechlin is good in her part and enhances her character with the help of minor nuances. Rajat Kapoor lends decent support but not as per his ability. Suhasini Maniratnam and Arjun Mathur are fine in their special appearances.

The 'Non-Glitz' Factor

These scenes are highlight of the first half which is engaging as well as entertaining. Sadly, in comparison to the first half, the second half drags with unwanted and repetitive scenes. The story narration slows down and has very less to offer. The open ending climax leaves you with bad taste in mouth. The usage of foul language fails to gel with the film. The bonding between Naseeruddin and Kalki loses its charm in the finale portions of the film.

Final 'Glitz'

'Waiting' is lengthy due to its slow narration, but at the same time is quite refreshing in terms of performances and the theme of the film. The movie had all the possibilities to end up as one fine cinema, but settles down to being a fair attempt.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0


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