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Vizhithiru Music Review

Vizhithiru Music Review
Krishna Kulasekaran, Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth, Dhansikam Thambi Ramaiah, Abhinaya, S.P.B.Charan, Sara Arjun, Nagendra Babu, Erica Fernandes, Rahul Bhaskaran
Meera Kathiravan
Sathyan Mahalingam
Music Review
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 • Tamil Comments


For Meera Kathiravan, this is a first in action thriller. For Satyan, this is his debut in film composition. The two have put their minds together for this upcoming Kreshna, Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth, Dhansika-starrer, and here's how the score fares.

1. Stay Awake Listen here
Voices: Sathya, Thaman, Satyan Mahalingam, The Prophecy, Sharmila, Baby Sudhantra
Lyrics: Subramaniam Nandi, The Prophecy

From its feel and flow of the song, this track seems like a thematic introduction. The lyrics are mostly lost in the technology dash, but it is easy to make out that it sings about the pep culture of Chennai city. The song echos in abundance, and with the electric guitar and choice of beats, makes this a club song. To complete the youthfulness, there is rap piece towards the end of the song, after which the beats change tempo. Do watch out for the squeal as the song opens.

2. Vellai Iravae Listen here
Voices: GV Prakash, Ramya NSK
Lyrics: Dhamayandhi, The Prophecy

When the song flows in guitar and chorus, you expect a dripping-sweet voice to follow. But Ramya opens the song in her rascally voice, and the track eventually gathers beat and some jazz. Enter GV Prakash's voice, you could hardly identify initially, thanks to normalization. The song trails in his melodious best, against tapping beats. In all, the song makes for a scintillating experience.

3. Papparappa Listen here
Voices: Vijaya T Rajendar, Priyadharshini
Lyrics: Vijaya T Rajendar

Next in line is a 'kuthu' number, symbolizing the naughty lyrics with the onset of trumpets playing. Typical of TR, every line in the song makes for music by itself, being a significant pillar in setting the rhythm. Adding pep to the tune is TR's own earthen voice, matched up to aptly by Priyadharshini's. Beats are steady and metred all through the song, from the moment they take off. With a bold call for change in style, the song takes a full fledged 'gaana' twist, ending in an overlapping combination of both styles, completing a get-up-and-dance sort of folk number.

4. Aazhi Alai (F) Listen here
Voice: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics: Satyan Mahalingam

Alternating to a breeze, the next song is a melody. The mood is set my lilting pipes, bass and cello, with piano. The crystal clear voice of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi rings out in bittersweet melancholy. The background to this number is entirely set only on orchestra, independent of beats. The song, however, ends quickly, in under three minutes. The signature in strings, with which the song wraps up, is soothing to the ears.

5. Pon Vidhi Listen here
Voice: Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Subramaniam Nandi

This one is a modish number, with funky notes. Trademark voice of Santhosh's sets an atmosphere of gripping anxiety. To take this to the next level, the song is thrown in with spooky orchestration and cynical laughs. Rhythm is steady, and so is the bass that sets the pulse of this song. Despite sounding eerie, to deliver the feeling of angst, this song is motivating, in its lyrics, persuading to keep striving on the pursuit.

6. Aazhi Alai (M) Listen here
Voice: Alphonse
Lyrics: Satyan Mahalingam

The male counterpart of 'Aazhi Alai' sets off in the same notes as the female version, complete with the piano till pipe. However, this is a package of surprise, as Alphonse renders in high pitch, against the played-down tone of the background.The tune and fashion of the song are retained, just as the female version. The lyrics are also retained in this version, just as the other. The only change in this number is the difference in mood, set by Alphone's captivating voice.

7. Kolai Vaall  Listen here
Voices: Vijay Antony, Sri Charan, Sunandan
Lyricist: Paavendar Bharathidasan, Satyan Mahalingam

Symbolizing a racy number, the song opens with warning sirens, further gathering momentum in guitars and beats, in dubstep rhythm. The song's lyrics are clouded by music, but the emotion is loud and clear. Anger and frustration, on a pursuit to get the ills to an end, the song's temper serves for a good theme. Towards the later half, there is a change in tempo, and the lyrics become clearer from this point. Cruising back to its original form, the song ends, full of energy.

At seven songs, and also a couple of karaoke tracks to the album, 'Vizhithiru' is bulky. Also, most often, score takes the front seat, muffling lyrics, apart from striking almost an identical pitch for male as well as female voices, in an effort to make it homogenous. However, the energy throughout, makes up for the hitches.

Rating: 2/5
Verdict: Jukebox of lilts and thumps