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Vivah Music Review

Vivah Music Review
Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao, Anupam Kher, Aloknath
Sooraj R. Barjatya
Kamal Kumar Barjatya
This Marriage Disappoints
Thursday, October 5, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Sooraj Barjataya has given some of the all-time big musical hits like `Maine Pyaar Kiya' and `Hum Aapke Hain Kaun'. There were people who said that his last offering `Main Prem Ki Deewani' was musically less appealing. But when you compare Ravindra Jain's `Vivaah' sound track with Anu Malik's score in `MPKD' I would say Anu's music was far more superior and worth-listening. If you've heard one song in `Vivaah' it seems you've heard all of them. The music arrangements, the range of singers, the choice of music instruments are almost identical. The strictly average music album has a few decent offerings in the form of `Mujhe Haq Hai', `Savaiyya-Chhota Sa Saajan', `Jai Gaurri Maa' and `Savaiyya-Raadhey Krishn Ki Jyoti'. `Vivaah' is a big disappointment.  

`Mujhe Haq Hai' is in many ways a characteristic Sooraj Barjataya melody reminding you of the `Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' days. It's a simple song that grows on you as you listen to it a few times. There's an old world charm of forty-piece-violin fillers, tabla-congo theka, honey-almond voice of Udit Narayan-Shreya Ghoshal, violin and acoustic guitar solo..A stamp of laidback energy that makes music endearing. Although it is a likable number but it's not haunting enough to test the longevity of time.

`Do Anjaane Ajnabi' is almost an extension of `Mujhe Haq Hai'. It's like if you've heard the first one then you've heard the second one too. Udit and Shreya are repeated again. Even the music arrangements are more-or-less similar. The tabla-congo combo, the strings fillers, even the santoor and flute pieces are reminiscent of the first song. After trying to find something worthwhile, I come to a conclusion that it's nothing but a sugar coated number that fails to pluck the heart chords.

`Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai' is an unusual song. It starts off with Udit and Shreya's vocals cushioned by a strings section playing in a distant background and Rabab fillers for company. Then it picks up the momentum as the sitar merges with strings while flute fillers compliment the fast paced tabla. The problem with this song is the pedestrian lyrics. There's no harm in using typical filmi words, but somehow phrases like `divya vatavaran mein' tend to be a bit too difficult to understand specially when they are being used in a contemporary set up. A song with a limited appeal.

`Hamari Shaadi Mein' starts off on a cacophonic note with dhol-nagada and for the umpteenth time, the strings, tabla combo is repeated. Now, didn't Ravindra Jain ever heard of a saying `variety is the spice of life'? The sameness becomes monotonous. This Shaadi number offers inane lyrics like `Neeche Jo Dekhoon to ocean hai..Upar dekhoon to tu roshan' hai.  Babul Supriyo and Shreya's singing doesn't offer any respite as the composition is very predictable. Strictly average is all one can say.

The good point about `Kal Jisne Janam Yahan Paaya' is Kumar Sanu. Sanu has been away from the microphone and he makes a comeback in style. Suresh Wadekar is somehow not suited for such songs. The contrast between the tone-n-timbre of both the singers is palpable. While most of the music instruments and music arrangements are similar, there's an addition of a saxophone in a Sooraj Barjatya style. The history of inane lyrics continues: `Prep se primary tak'..Jesus Christ..On the whole a disappointing song.

`O Jiji' has its base in raag pahadi. Pamela Jain's vocals are like the fresh river water of the Himalayas. She instills a lot of charm in this otherwise similar-sounding song. The music instruments and arrangements are more or less the same. It's a you