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Vinodayathra Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 10, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Vinodayathra Review
Dileep,Mukesh,Kavitha,Sita,Murali,Nedumudi Venu,Vijayaraghavan,Innocent,Mamukoya,KPAC Lalitha,Manjusha,Sreelatha,Babu Namboodiri,Reshmi Nambiar,Sandeep,Ganapathy, Sethulekshmi
Sathyan Anthikad
M M Hamsa

Sathyan Anthikkad has been in the race, creating a particular genre of films, that is associated to him alone. A master of feel-good -family dramas, told in a little funny mood with a lot of satires, the Sathyan brand has become the most admired prescription for the families, in the recent years of Malluwood.  With continuous six mega hits behind him, how can we expect him to change the root, to produce any non-guaranteed damp squib?   And so, the director who recently started scripting has become a master at recycling who says the same old charming stories with little changes but with strong comments on the societal mores of today. So, when you watch his new film Vinodayathra you are sure to experience another vintage Sathyan Anthikkad which will definitely make you merry with that feel good experience.
Vinodayathra is the story of a young man who is averse to taking responsibilities in life, but is very impulsive in helping that in distress and there by falling into troubles. The film tells the story of Vinod, who is a MCA holder, but considers his life as a pleasure trip. With no particular goals in life , and a set of high principles  devoid practicality, he  aims for only white collar jobs where one can work with the least of the  pressures, he has always been a drifter, changing jobs for silly resons.With the intention of putting some sense into his head, his father, a retired post master ,sends him to his sister Vimala and  brother-in-law Shaji Raghavan (Mukesh), a `Mr. Nice Guy' working as chief engineer in the irrigation department, who are last options to reform Vinod from his silly ways.

The arrival of Vinod creates a share of problems for Shaji, as his younger sister Reshmi (Parvathy), a college student, is also living with them. The film flows in a slow pace but with life in the first half, till Vinod saves Anupama from a dangerous situation in a railway station. Impulsive in his ways, this time too Vinod lands in a good amount of problems. She is an engineering student who is forced to discontinue her studies, after her father- a police constable (Murali) - is fatally injured during a fight with some agitators, take care of the whole problems of her house. Anupama, who by chance encounters, soon leaves an impression on Vinod and makes him a more matured and better person.

The film tells a lot of practical philosophies in the whole narration, which are quite entertaining, but don't climb up to the level of preaching. A number of observations come up as relevations to the Malayalees who care more about international issues than their immediate surroundings. Also depicting corrupt employees in the government offices, the often style of TV anchors who speak with a peculiar accent, the issue of child labor, the sex racket and even on the fake VCDs of just-released films, the director' has made it a point to comment on some current issues, in every possible chances.

And when etching out the typical Malayalee characterizations to Vinod, we at times realizes with the protagonist and his relevations, definitely reach us in many ways than one.  The undercurrent of humor and placement of subtle humor dialogues that seems natural at the best and the smooth transitions in the proceedings is the highlight of this Sathyan movie as well.

And for the actors, the character Anupama played by Meera Jasmine is heavily inspired from Kastooriman, where she played a gutsy lady facing all odds with a smile. She looks fabulous and convincing and makes it's with ease as it is a repeat affair for her. And the regulars in Sathyan films like Mamookoya, Innocent, K.P.A.C. Lalitha and Nedumudi Venu handles themselves with flair. Murali's role as a police constable recuperating from a wound suffered during a communal riot and Sreelatha as a women mechanic.

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Rating: 0 / 5.0

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