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Vinayakudu Music Review

Vinayakudu Music Review
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Krishnudu, Sonia & others
Sai Kiran Adivi
Sarita Patra
Shyam Prasen
Sam delivers the right blend of music
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, September 20, 2008 • తెలుగు] Comments

Sonia and Krishnudu of 'Happy Days' fame in the lead roles, 'Vinayakudu' has evoked much anticipation even before its release. Introducing Sai Kiran, Shekhar Kammula's associate, as director, Smt. Saritha Patra is producing the film 'Vinayakudu'. Cinema goers have laid their expectations on 'Vinayakudu' made on a banner that earlier delivered the feel good movie 'Aa Naluguru'. The tunes composed by Sam Prasan are closely associated with the theme of the movie.
Hai Hi Hyderabadi.  Listen & Download here

The album begins with the song "Hai Hi Hyderabadi." HemaChandra voice this song written by Avinash. With phrases like "Charminar aina..,  Irani Chai aina..," the song depicts the life style of the metro city, Hyderabad.
Saradaga ee samayam.  Listen & Download here

"Saradaga ee samayam. chesena manatho payanam." is a melody song with the lyrics composed by Vanamali and voiced by Chitra & Unni Krishnan. Vanamali has rendered beautiful lines like "Doboochule inka chalinchuma. Choosavate o panthama." These lyrics in the song bolsters to its splendor.
Vara veena mrudu pani  Listen & Download here

"Vara veena mrudu pani vanaruha lochanu rani." is a song written by Avinash. Raghu, Hemachandra, Sridevi, Sahithi lends their voice for this score. Starting with a carnatic tune, it later blends in to a western mix. Even the verses are made partly in Telugu and partly in English to suit the genre of the song.

Nalo Vedane.  Listen & Download here

"Nalo Vedane. cheppedela nesthama." is also written by Avinash. This melody is voiced by Kunaal Ganjvala.  Words like "Okasari oppukova, thappu neede choodaleva", imparts beauty to the song.
The last two songs are also available as instrumentals composed of solely instruments sans singers.

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