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Villu Music Review

Villu Music Review
Ayngaran International Films
Vijay, Nayantara Vadivelu
Prabhu Deva
Devi Sri Prasad
Fast & furious
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 • Tamil Comments

It is no easy task for Devi Sri Prasad to score music for 'Villu' - for the movie has an actor (Vijay),  known for his dancing prowess who plays the lead role and an acclaimed choreographer wielding the megaphone. Prabhu Deva and Devi Sri Prasad have proved in the past that they are an explosive and enthralling combo. They have given musical hits in Telugu like 'Nuvvastanantae Nenodantana' and 'Shankardada Zindabad' before.

'Villu' is sure to join the list. It has peppy music loaded with energy all through. Unique choice of singers like Baba Sehgal, Vadivelu and Kovai Sarala make it quite interesting.

A rocking album, Villu songs are ready to top the audio charts.

Hey Rama (Amul Raj and Kovai Sarala) Listen Here

Devi Sri Prasad and Prabhu Deva know the knack of coming up with songs laced with humor not just on screen but also with the tune and its lyrics. The title number, with comic touch, has a special singer crooning. Popular comedienne Kovai Sarala renders the number in the company of Amal Raj.  With extra effects and high-pitch voice of Kovai Sarakla, the song simply amazes.

Jalsa Jalsa (Baba Sehgal) Listen Here

Devi Sri Prasad, on the request of Prabhu Deva and Vijay, has retuned one of his own hit-number from Tollywood. A rocking number with a mix of pop and hip-hop sounds very special for it is rendered by a special man. Baba Sehgal, the uncrowned King of Hindi pop, has sung the number. He is as usual in his elements rendering it with gusto.

With extra percussions and rhythmic tune, the song is very novel and entertaining to listen to.

Are You Crazy (Dhivya) Listen Here

A short but a sweet number which is very pleasing. Less instrumentation but more focus on the tune is the specialty of this song. Well done Dhivya!

Daddy Mummy ( Mamta Mohandoss and Naveen Madhav) Listen Here

Devi Sri Prasad's albums are incomplete these days without popular actress Mamta Mohandoss rendering her voice. In the company of Naveen Madhav, she has sung a peppy westernized number. It is a heavy musical song with Mamta's voice modulations hogging the limelight. A perfect one for dance floors.

Dheemthanakka Thillana  (Devi Sri Prasad and Dhivya) Listen Here

A racy number where the rhythm holds the centre stage. It has enough passion and emotion in it to captivate the listeners. The electrifying music coupled with easy words give more vibrancy to the song. Devi Sri Prasad oozes with all energy singing the song. Vijay is sure to set the screen ablaze with this song for he is a great dancer. Devi Sri Prasad's keen attention to give right preference to minute sounds is visible in this song.

Jalsa Jalsa (Baba Sehgal) Listen Here

A repeat of the Baba Sehgal crooned 'Jalsa Jalsa' in the album but with more pace and extra rhythm. It has everything in to make one dance immediately upon listening to it. Pace is the key for this electrifying song.

Nee Kobapattal (Sagar) Listen Here

This is one rare exception in the whole album. It is very soft. A single melody amidst brisk tunes. With good diction by Sagar and soft instrumentation by Devi Sri Prasad, the song sticks to us immediately. A slow-paced rhythm, the song is sweet to listen to.

Vaada Mapillai (Vadivel, Rita and Tippu) Listen Here

Vadivelu and Tippu - both are known for their energy. When they come together to render a song, what else can one expect but a roaring fast paced number. With Vadivelu around, humor oozes not just in the lyrics but also the way in which he renders the song.

The comical lyrics are sure to make it big among the listeners and would make everyone dance on their seats. Tippu seems to going strong song after song.

Overall, the album is refreshing, fast and energetic. With all ingredients in it to make it big, besides Vijay's presence, Villu is an album to cherish.

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