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Vikramarkudu Music Review

Vikramarkudu Music Review
Ravi Teja, Anushka, Brahmanandam
M.L.Kumar Chowdary
Very disappointing and mediocre
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, June 7, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Sometimes one wonders, can a person who gave music of the class of Sri Ramadasu, give a really listless and lacklustre album? Then Vikramarkudu is one such example from Keeravani. The album lacks freshness, appeal and quality to the level of getting onto ones nerves. The songs do-not strike a chord and looks like they are picked up from ones repository of unwanted tunes.

College Papala 1.5*  Singers: Chitra, Jassie Gift Lyrics: Jonnavittula This is a fast beat song which is all about guy's ogling at women, cant imagine how long and how many songs will be composed with similar tunes and theme. The highlight of the song is Chitra's beautiful rendition (which was much needed) the occassional usage of Violin and veena in the interludes, but the song is very average to say the least.

Dammare Damma 1.5*  Singers: Chitra, Tippu, Vijji Lyrics: Chandrabose A forgettable number with  nothing much to write about. The tune sounds very old and the music is patchy. Keeravani must have used "dammare damma" while composing the tune and made Chandrabose's task easy to write fewer words. Keeravani tries his best to make the song sound better by using violins in the interludes and some folk phrases "swaami bandayaanamma deva bandanaayam", but cant help the overall appeal of the song because fundamentally the tune is bad.

Dooranga 2*  Singers: Ganga, Keeravani Lyrics: Bandaru Danayya, Keeravani Keeravani's voice suits this song better (sounds a bit like Ramana Gogula at times) and Ganga does an excellent job in rendering this one. This is a very fast paced song with good beats and nice interludes. However, the charanam does not live upto the quality of the pallavi and at the end the song is just average. There is nothing in the lyrics to look upto (when did that matter in recent movies).

Jolaalee 2.5*  Singers: Malavika Lyrics: Keeravani Ah, a breather and melodious song which is much required among the average fare handed out to the listeners in the album. This is a short "jola paata" sung very well by Malivaka and one can close their eyes and feel peaceful at heart, finally!!

Jum Jum Maya 2*  Singers: Keeravani, Sunitha Lyrics: Keeravani This is a romantic song which Sunitha sings very well but Keeravani should have chosen someone else to sing this than taking it onto himself. The phrase "Jhum Jhum maya" is very attractive and is the only thing that stays in your mind after listening to this song. Keeravani the lyricist does a very mediocre job.

Vastavaa 2*  Singers: Anuradha Sriram Lyrics: Chandrabose This is a folk based, fast beat song which is apt for Anuradha Sriram's style of singing and she sings it with elan. It takes a couple of hearings to start following the song though. The chorus sings the phrases of the famous song "Bombay se aaya mera dost..".  Another forgettable song.


Like many people say, for a movie to be a hit there needs to be good script and good screenplay. Fortunately for some directors and producers in India, good music makes an average movie superb and unfortunately for Vikramarkudu good script and screenplay are the only things that can save it, because the music is very disappointing. Rajamouli is famous for making hardhitting movies with high violence and the songs in this movie may provide a breather to the audience to go out and enjoy a snack/drink. Overall, a very disappointing fare from Keeravani.