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Vijayendra Varma Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, December 16, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Vijayendra Varma Review
Bala Krishna, Laya, Ankita, Sangeeta, Mukesh Rushi, Asish Vidyardhi, Surya, Satya Prakash, Balayya, Brahmanandam, Venu madhav, Sudhakar, Chalapati Rao
Swarna Subba Rao
Konda Krishnam Raju

Quite simply, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, who had alleged that Indian films generally portray Pakistanis as being stupid and uni-dimensional, should not be allowed to see Vijayendra Varma.

For, the film uses every stereotype and goes over the top with jingoism. And at the end of two and a half hours of fight-dance-dance-fight-dance-fight-fight and a story lesser than the hyphens in between, you almost feel like siding with old Musharraf himself.

It is a story that tries to build Balakrishna as a super hero; but after the graphics-ridden ennui-inducing fights, he emerges something of a caricatured cardboard. The film is where Rambo meets Bourne Identity.

Balakrishana is married to Laya and leads a happy life. But he is a perturbed man as he seems to have a past. But he remembers nothing about that. Only after cajoling and coaxing, his wife tells him that he was found near a waterway wounded.

Overcome by the identity crisis, he goes to Hyderabad in search of himself. And after some predictable twists, his gets to know himself. He is Vijayendra Varma, a lion-hearted colonel in the Indian Army. And for good measure, he is brought up by a Muslim duo. How tacky! But he is maimed and his wife (Ankitha) is done away by a dreaded terrorist (Mukesh Rishi).

In time, Vijayendra Varma understands his identity and then goes hammer and tongs against the villain and the army of jihadis behind him.

It is a typical tale with all the hideous cliches ---- Islamic terrorists on the one hand and Muslim honest do-gooders on the other, a loud talking military hero..the list never ends.

Balakrishna fights with gusto. But the graphic tricks almost pain you as it is overdone. So too are the songs and dances. To be sure, he dances well. But then again, it is too much. His acting is also of the over the top variety. Ankitha as his first wife is actually pretty lively and cuts a fine impression. Laya is quiet and effective. Sangeetha is also impressive in a cameo.

Mukesh Rishi's character is on typical lines. The comedy track is nothing to write home about. The technical aspects of the film are good. But they are not in the league of extraordinary.

Director Swarna Subba Rao has made a story to suit the image of a super hero. And so every element is loud and bloated. While he manages to retain the interest in the first half, the second half meanders like a vehicle whose driver has gone to sleep. But it is surprising that directors still think that such pseudo-patriotic films can still hold sway over the masses. In fact it is almost laughable to see the hero in different historical get ups. It looks more like a kindergarten fancy dress competition rather than any serious depiction.

At the end, you feel fatigued by it all.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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