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Vijayanand Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, December 11, 2022 • Tamil ]
Vijayanand Review
Shri Anant Nag, Nihal, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, V Ravichandran, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, Shine Shetty, Archana Kottige
Rishika Sharma
Anand Sankeshwar
Gopi Sundar C

A  young Vijay Sangeswar (Nihal), in the 60s brings innovation to his family printing business, multiplying the profits and winning the confidence of his conservative father (Anant Nag).  a pioneering businessman from Karnataka.  However when he tried to diversify into the logistics business his parents and siblings don't support him.  Newly married to Lalitha (Siri Prahalad) he takes the risk of buying a lorry with loans.  But the truck mafia that controls the market does not allow him to get orders.  When an opportunity comes by he himself drives the goods himself and against all odds builds a logistics business with four trucks.  As luck would have it a political twist causes his properties to be destroyed by mobs and he is saddled with huge debts.  How Vijay Sankeshwar turned the tide in his favour and not only rebuilt India's largest logistics fleet but also became number one in the print media is what the rest of the biopic is all about.

Nihal, who plays the role of Vijay Sankeswar, has put in an earnest effort in bringing to life the legendary character on screen.  Veteran Ananth Nag, is as usual authentic in the character of family patriarch B.G.Sankeswar.  The supporting cast that includes Bharath Bopanna and Siri Prahalad is uniformly good.  There is also a special appearance from superstar V. Ravichandran as a good hearted don who lends a helping hand to the hero.

What works best in 'Vijayanand' is the period setting and dialogues filled with inspiring quotes on how to run a business successfully and honestly. The production values are high and catch the eye bankrolled by Anand Sankeshwar himself.

On the downside certain cinematic liberties such as the market fight and the duet songs seem superfluous.   The slow narration, lack of twists and several contrived scenes combine as deterrents.   

'Vijayanand' is rich in the technical department with music by Gopi Sundar and cinematography by  Keertan Poojary.  Rishika Sharma who has written and directed the film has shown promise. 

Verdict : Go for this biopic that contains a lot of inspiring takeaways on how to create a business empire.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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