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Victory Music Review

Victory Music Review
Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Asmitha Soodh, Tabla Nani, Sadhu Kokila and others.
SRS Media Vision
Arjun Janya
'V' First Victory Comes from Songs
Thursday, June 6, 2013 • Kannada Comments


Anand Audio has learnt the box office formula even before going to the silver screen from its film `V'. A prestigious audio house for its film production has taken absolute care. The good mixture of this film album is the highlight. Variety is the best part and it is Anand Audio box office `Victory' one could say because of selection of music director Arjun Janya, lyricists Jayanth Kaikini, Yogaraj Bhat, Ghouse Peer, K Kalyan - all veteran and Shivu Bergi makes his debut as lyricist in Yakka Nin while new singer Sangeetha has good future. Local singer Anuradha Bhat one song in sorrow mood in this album `V' is enough to prove her mettle.

Knowing box office formula for music - Anand Audio has already set a trend. It is continuing for its home production `V' - meaning Victory that is all set for release on silver screen in July. Sharan and Asmita Soodh pair in this film. Ragini Dwivedi    is in a special song of the film. Nandakishore is the director making debut for big screen.

Arjun Janya is almost like `Arjuna of the Mahabharatha'. From the treasure he is leaving one after the other arrows (tunes) to win the music lovers hearts. 

1. Yavaththu Manushya Onti Pischali supplier gintha olle geleya illa..the first song in the audio album of `V'.is kicking. Khali Bottle life hange life achege hakole wifu..kanthumba neeru..Baaru Gandmakkala thavaru..this is a mixture of sorrow and pep is very well rendered song. This is sure to be a popular song in all bars and pubs.  Oorig Orru Sudugadu..Baar onde Finu..24 hours should be open the songs emphasizes. Yogaraj Bhat understanding the feeling of drunkards especially after they go home has arranged his lines so well. Lovvu and Novvu (love and pain) is like twins..further the song lines come out. It is Jai Ho fame Vijayaprakash who has understood the lines and given right variation. The high and low pitch is so appealing. This is a song for drunkards.

2. Kanna Minche Jaari.the best melody of the album is from the inimitable voice of Sonu Nigam. This is in memory of the lover by the protagonist. Jayanth Kaikini specialist in it continues his journey with rhythmic words and he knows from the days of `Mungaru Male' what words comes out fine from Sonu Nigam.

3. Start with instrument in the third song is a racy song from Khailash Kher. This is set for a special item song on actress Ragini Dwivedi. Akka Ninna Magalu Chikkavalagallva..Pakkada Mane Padma nange Jodi agalva.. the twist of your body increases my BP says the meaning of one of the lines. This is the song that sees the return of yesteryears singer LR Ishwari. Although the same old punch in the lusty songs of LR Ishwari is not found. It is quite OK as the words are stressed in right way.  It is a mass song and drums beats are foot tapping.

4. Ona Onai..Onai..Onai..Mikha Singh has maintained the pace in the appeasing song for the protagonist. The usage of email, pass word etc in the song lines Kaviraj has showed his advancement in thinking. The speed of this song is good. Music director Arjun Janya used good instruments beats in between the songs. The female voice of Sangeetha for the first time in audio is impressive.

5. Kanna Minche..repeats with duet this time - Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Bhat makes this lovely song for the couple on silver screen. Anuradha Bhat has given extremely sweet voice to the already sweet voice expression of Sonu Nigam. The earlier song is divided between the male and female singers. This one reminds of the yesteryears duet songs.

6. One to Za lyricist K Kalyan is tried out in different way by music director Arjun Janya in his voice. It is on life and love. The technical adjustment made for this film song will be definitely appealing for the children. This is the best experiment from very popular music director Arjun Janya. Singing in normal style the music director has taken the support of the technical gadgets. The instrument beats could have been brought down so that the lyrics could have been clearer. The songs in the past are popular because the lyrics are good to hear and they are heard with no disturbance.

7. The last song is both melodious and meaningful in the album opposite to Jayanth Kaikini song of Kanna in sorrow is written in opposite mood by Ghouse Peer. Kanna Neere Jaridaithu. Araluva Hrudayake.Sanna Ondu Mathu Saaku Olavina lovely indeed (a small word is enough for crash of relationship). Manase Muridhu Jagave Baridu. Yet the female voice says you are the real smile in my life. The use of violin is quite OK but the sound is more at places. Once again this is the best rendering from Anuradha Bhat. Her last rendering in `Barfi' was also fine.

`V' Kannada film album is worth hearing for variety and worth buying for quality!