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Victory Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 24, 2013 • Kannada ]
Victory Review
Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Asmitha Soodh, Tabla Nani, Sadhu Kokila and others.
SRS Media Vision
Arjun Janya


It is a very joyous journey for family audience. It is double paisa Vasool cinema `Victory'. The team effort in every shot and scene is magnificent.

For Kannada cinema industry another talented director Nandakishore has arrived and Sharan in his 101st film - second film as hero after `Rambo' proved that the earlier success was not a fluke. He proves yet again from his comedy histrionics, dialogue delivery and dancing ability is too good in him from this film.

The story and screenplay is like a complete feast. Although a little bit excess in the second half, first half of the film gives `Masth Maja'. The super fast screenplay is tremendous. In the first 45 minutes almost all developments happen without missing the entertainment values. The second half releases some more surprises and makes a platform for all characters to arrive and give further laugh riot. From the opening title card song with special voice mixing and use of fingers to dance is one of the many redeeming features of this film.

The music by Arjun Jana, dialogues by Prashanth, cinematography by Chandrasekhar gives new height with knowledgeable production house and equally knowledgeable artist team contributing full for film.

You cannot ask anything bigger than this to get entertainment. Like the sign title of the film `Victory' it is a real victory for the film team. It is an assorted sweet box and you cannot miss anyone to eat.

The life of Chandru (Sharan) is fractured when his wife Priya (Asmitha Soodh) disconnect from him on the first night of life. The reason for this is a mischief of Priya friend that we get to know later. Dejected with this dismissal Chandru decide to end his life. A series of attempts that makes the cop Sadhu Gowda (Sadhu Kokila) to handle the situation is not only funny but destiny deferring the death of Chandru.

Finally Chandru hire a don to kill him in one week. The unfortunate Chandru become fortunate because of his wife realizing her flaws and coming back. It is the screenplay brainy work that ends up in the first half with villain puffing cigarette yelling at Chandru and Munna (Sharan again) from Mumbai entering the scene.

The ulterior motive of don (Ravishanker) is different. The don hatches a plot to kill Chandru and want to claim Rs.2 crores insurance money with Munna in front doing the killing. It is not that easy as another gang leader team accidentally died and the onus is on Chandru looking for his life. In the meantime the old feud of Veerabhadra (Keerthiraj) and cop Rajendra (Avinash) also engulf in kidnap of Priya.

In a platform all the characters assemble and Chandru at the right time fires and hand over the pistol to Sadhu Gowda. It is a fortune again for Sadhu Gowda a cop who is also best friend of Chandru. The evil is evaporated in this clash.

Sharan is brilliant in his quick movements and dialogue delivery is exceptional. Sadhu Kokila is another pinch hitter in this film and every time he arrive audience go for laughter. Tabla Nani secures third position from his disability role of a deaf.

Ravishanker (first time as comedy villain a new change in him) Mimicry Dayanand, Avinash, Ramesh Bhat, Kuri Pratap, Keerthiraj gives wonderful presence.

The `dilkush' of audience is when the song number `Kali Quarter Bottlu Hange Lifu.achegehakole and Akka Nin Magalu with sizzling Ragini on screen appears. The Sonu Nigam song for Sharan from music director Arjun Janya is another `Sona' of this film.

Jaggesh giving background voice for the film in the beginning and at end is another plus point of this film. Cameraman Chandru has given precise shots and angles. Nowhere the camera is dim and dull. Editing is another highlight of this film. In the song Kanna Minche...the locations shift is very well portrayed.

This is a film you cannot miss. Go with your family.

Score - 8.5/10 



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