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Vennela Music Review

Vennela Music Review
Raja, Sharwanand, Parvati Melton, Bramhanandam, Mohit, Ravi Varma, Shalini, Madhu, Sunil
Deva Katta
Ravi Vallabhaneni, Sachi Pinagapani, Chalapathi Mannuru
Mahesh Shankar
Youthful and melodious
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, November 23, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Did anyone hear about Mahesh Shankar before? (He composed music for a Hindi movie Flavors, with Leslie Lewis). Well, you might just get to hear more of his music in future for he has composed some good music for the film Vennala, and the Telugu movie industry will take notice. There are a couple of melodies and rest all are fast beat numbers catering to the youth. One will appreciate the lyricist for using appropriate lyrics for the songs and every song has a basic theme associated with it.

Bhagyam Podduna 3*  Singers: Funky, Sudeep, Saindhavi

This is a fast beat song which explains how people fall in love in college. The song has very good chorus especially the lines "Chowdhary gaari paapa, shastri babu lovvu.." is funny, yet, fits into the song beautifully well and explains how love looks beyond caste and region barriers. Good beats, good tempo maintained by the singers keeps the song very entertaining. The interludes and usage of instruments is not that impressive, the chorus sticks to your mind and forms the identity of the song. Overall an enjoyable piece and will be loved by one and all.

Busy Life 2.5* Singers: Aravind, Devan, Funky, Sudeep

This is a song explaining how student life is busy with dressing up, going around girls and doing everything but studies, for 365 days. True to the theme, it's a fast beat number. The part where the chorus sings "busy life. busy life..." is good. A good song, but does not stick to your mind and hence you may give this a pass.

Chestara Love 2.5*  Singers: Anitha, Devan, Ranjan, Saindhavi, Sudeep

This song goes on with the guy asking if the girls would love them, had they looked like Salman, gave roses every day. The girls say they don't need guys who look like Salman or people roaming around them like body guards and give daily roses, but people with heart full of love and someone who can talk to them sweetly. The song has a good theme and good lyrics. The male voice goes well with the song but the female singer is not upto the mark, especially in pronouncing words (Dheergam, Otthulu and vowels at end of words have been left out). But the tune is very good and the phrase "Chestara love.." is catchy. Good one.

East West 3.5 Singers: Tippu

The song starts off with chorus singing "Dhoom ta thakita dhoom ...' and is very catchy. The song goes on with two groups listing differences between western and eastern lifestyle, with each group taking one side. The line "East brathuku waste mama, west brathuku best mama.." is very catchy and would definitely sway people and take them along with its tempo. Tippu has sung this song very well and made it an enjoyable piece. This song is going to be a craze among the masses. The lyrics of the song are apt for the theme. You will love this song.

Nela Thankani 2* Singers: Saindhavi, Sudeep

Another fast beat song in rock style, faster than the ones above. The music director provided a beautiful rendition of flute in the interludes. The lyrics of the song are not that impressive and the song does not stay with you, because at this point you will stop differentiating one song from another in the album. The flute rendition definitely stands out, however it does not fit into the overall scheme of the song. You may give this a pass.

Ningi Nela 4*  Singers: Gopala Rao

Beautiful solo song that fits well as a background song, sung with camera focused on hero who is suffering from Viraham. Gopala Rao does a very good job and this is the best song of the album. The lyrics suit the mood of the song very well and capture the emotion of the hero willing to wait for the heroine anywhere for her beautiful smile. The harmonium renditio