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Veerasaami Music Review

Veerasaami Music Review
T Rajendhar , Mumtaz, Sheela, Meghna Naidu, Ajees, Darshini, Padma Narayanan
For your ears!
IndiaGlitz [Friday, December 8, 2006 • தமிழ்] Comments

Vijaya T Rajendhar, called as 'Ashtavadhani' for scoring music, penning lyrics, handling cinematography and editing besides directing his films, has done what he always does best in Veerasaami too - he has given his heart and soul.

Veerasaami has songs sung by the director-actor himself besides his son Silambarasan, Manicka Vinayakam, Prasanna, Anuradha Sreeram and Mathangi chipping in.

Songs glorifying T Rajendhar as the messiah of the masses, carrying his political message, find place in the album.

It's more of mass than class.

Oru Vennilavu (Prasanna, Amrutha)

The song begins in a free-flowing tune and proceeds to capture some momentum. Unfortunately, a sense of deja vu creeps up. T Rajendhar seems to have used all the instruments at his command. A heavy song.

Hello Kadhal ldhayam (T R Silambarasan, Prem)

Loosu Pennae sung by Silambarasan in Vallavan became a big hit. Rajendhar, possibly inspired by Loosu Pennae, has tuned this song which begins with a rap. The lyrics are catchy, so is the tune. Simbu has given his heart and packs a punch. Set for a good run.

Vaadi En Kadhal (Manicka Vinayakam)

A rocking number from Manicka Vinayakam. Rajendhar has stamped his class by coming up with lyrics that rhyme. The music is brisk and breezy. The tune is full of energy but the instrumentation could have had more finesse.

Aelelo (Vijaya T Rajendhar)

A bit song rendered by T Rajendhar sans any big instruments. It dwells on sibling affection (brother and sister). It is something that you find in all TR films.

Madhana Kama Rasa (Mathangi)

A peppy love song. Mathangi begins with an open throat. TR has tried a fusion using Hindustani and Classical instruments.   A catchy tune in the lilting voice of Mathangi gets the right feel on the listeners.

De Dei Dei (Febi)

A variation of hip-hop music. The instrumentation is heavy. After a brief interval, Febi is back to sing this raunchy number.

Solliyae Kadhal (Vijaya T Rajendhar)

Again, a bit song. It is sung by a character who is depressed, at his lover's wedding. We have a slice of the typical TR in this song too.

Varaamparu Varaamparu Veerasaami (Vijaya T Rajendhar)

A mass number with lyrics glorifying Rajendhar. He reels out his political objectives in the song. A typical mass song.

Marakka Mudiyala (Vijaya T Rajendhar)

An inevitable pathos number. The orchestration is easy on the ears.