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Veerabhadra Music Review

Veerabhadra Music Review
Ambika Cinema Productions
Balakrishna, Sada, Tanushree Dutta
AS Ravikumar Chowdary
Ambika Krishna
Melodious, fresh and enjoyable
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, March 21, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Manisharma has a record for composing good music for Balayya's movies and he does not disappoint anyone in this one. What's pleasing is the superb usage of violins, sitar and traditional instruments for which Manisharma deserves full credit. Every song in the album competes with the other to take the accolades and all are enjoyable. It is also very pleasing to see that there is a sister sentiment song composed for this album and it turns out to be just as melodious as any you heard in recent times. Veerabhadra will definitely go down as one of the better music albums in Balakrishna's career.

Jagam Kosam Suryudu 3.5* Singers: Shankar Mahadevan Lyrics: Bhashasree

This is a very nice solo number which could as well be the first song of the movie, and is sung very well by Shankar. Bhashasree uses the right words that would strike a chord with Balayya's fans, like "Jagam kosam suryudu, Jagam kosam chandrudu, Janam kosam unta mee todu..". The song has good beats, interludes that are composed very well with good chorus who actually sing some words which is scrubbed and made non-understandable, however it sounds good. A very good start to the album and Manisharma gets it right by choosing the right singer, right mix of instruments and carefully avoids the risk of being a loud song. This would be an instant hit with the masses too.

Abbabba Pedavi Poojaku 4* Singers: SPB, Chitra Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

The song starts off with a good melodious violin piece which is followed by sitar piece. After a long time, hearing SPB and Chitra together for a melodious & romantic number is very soothening and they live up to the expectations with elan. This song will be as popular as "andaala aada bommma.." in Narasimhanaidu and can be enjoyed by all sections of the auidence. The lyrics are also simple, easy to follow and catchy. The interludes have good usage of violin, guitar and other string instruments which is supported by good beats that would give the choreographer ample scope to come up with easy and subtle movements. Upon repeated hearings, one would find the charanam more beautiful and enjoyable than the pallavi especially when Chitra sings the phrase "Naidu baava naa ubalaatam..". That two songs are in the basket of good ones for Manisharma.

Aa edukondalu Ekkesta 4* Singers: Tippu, Lenina Chowdhary Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Another song that starts off beautifully with a flute rendition and sitar picks up with chorus singing "tanaku tanuku na" in the background. Manisharma has done his homework very well and he has given a song thats different and fresh. This one is a beautiful melody with a good usage of instruments and very different from the maddening beats that most of the current crop of songs are composed with. There is a lot of usage of violin, sitar, traditional shehnai and folk based drumming which is of superb quality that is mixed and presented so well that it flows like a river midstream. When Lenina (debutant one would guess) sings "Aa edukondalu..aa edukondalu..aa edukondalu ekkesta na todai nuvvunte" it just peps up the mood and make the song very enjoyable. A perfect song for the masses to stand up and dance on. Again, Manisharma gets the right singers for this one and that's another feather to his cap.

Mayavundi Pillo 3* Singers: KK, Mahalaxmi Lyrics: Chinni Charan

This number is a fast paced mass number that's good, but not in the same league as the earlier ones we heard before. The interludes have good use of instruments and provides a lot of scope for good choreography and picturization. There is nothing much from lyrics point of view to offer in this one. Overall, the song holds on and does not disappoint y