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Veedhi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 7, 2006 • తెలుగు ]
Veedhi Review
Usha Kiron Movies
Sharvanand, Gopika, Nataraj, Santosh, Aryan, Vinay Varma, MS Narayana, Rallapally, Brahmanandam, Delhi Rajeswari, Master Siva Varma, Harshavardhan, Balayya, Pilla Prasad, Kondavalasa, Jayalalitha, Dil Ramesh
V Dorairaj
Ramoji Rao
Anoop Rubens

Veedhi comes to us amidst high hype that it being a very different and realistic venture. And in the first few minutes, you have a reporter from CNN and a gang of vagabond

Boys --- it all looks rich and promising. But after the disappointments starts. They join together in search of an unidentified baddie who runs a street (yes, you read it right) under his thumb. Now, you may ask why would CNN, a global giant that focuses on Afghanistan, Palestine and such issues would want to focus on a queer street in Hyderabad beats all canons of logic. But we will let that pass. But what follows is even more bizarre and when the film veers towards the climax as the identity of the villain is known, and he decides to give up his bad ways, the absurdity cup overflows. By the time it all ends, you want to go the Veedhi (street) for some refreshing air.

The story starts off with Seeta (Gopika) the intrepid journo from CNN out on the prowl in search of the elusive villain who lords over a street in Hyderabad, joining forces with Surya (Sharvanand) and his band of boys. The youth are basically wastrels, but Seeta inspires to find out who the baddie Shivanna is.

After some tortuous negotiations on the mean bylanes of the city, Seeta does manage to zero in on Shivanna. But what have you? He is none other than her father. Sigh.

The mad wild-goose chase is partially saved by the acting team. Gopika as the journalist, Sharvanand as her aid are efficient. They are very upfront and full of zeal. The music is okay. There is no technical gloss to redeem the film, too.

But the worst offender is the script. Frankly, the story (overall) is not such a bad one, but director Dorariraj who is in charge of the script has erred in important moments.

If he had managed to get the minor picture of the journalist being part of a smaller outfit (and not the CNN), then the film would have been set up nicely. But Dorairaj seems to have overreached himself, and in the process falls flat on his face all over the street.

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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