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Vedha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, March 26, 2008 • Tamil ]
Vedha Review
Niran Creations International
Arun Vijay, Jerovardhan, Sheela, Jayamala, Seetha, Seema Megalai, Karunas
R Nithya Kumar
K. Niranjan, Vasu Baskar
Srikanth Deva

Vedha tells you a story revolving around the conflict between the family bondage and love. Though the family bondage overtakes the power of love, the love doesn't get defeated. The deft handling of the conflict entwined with sufficient dosage of romance and action makes the movie watchable. 

Vijay (Arun Vijay) has a younger brother Vadhan (Jerovadhan), who cannot digest failure. Vijay is determined to see that Vadhan gets whatever he wants. He bribes the potential winners of a running race to ensure Vadhan's success. He beats up a whole gang of thugs to make Vadhan to become collage chairman. Finally, when his brother wants to marry a girl, he is shattered. It is his girlfriend, who is also in deep love with him.

Vijay, who is actually an orphan, decides to give up his lover and he makes the girl accept the arrangement by emotionally blackmailing her (the dialogues by the girl in this situation are sharp). The marriage takes place but there is a twist in the tale, which puts the family apart. The intrusion of the villain, with whom the brothers have locked horns, makes things worse. Lots of pathetic developments mixed with sentiments lead to the climax.

Director R. Nithya Kumar throws up a few surprises in the narration to make the proceedings interesting. He opens the narrative by portraying a family with an eccentric younger brother. Then the plot changes track with the arrival of a dreaded dada. Then comes the love track between Vijay and Vedha (Sheela), which is followed by an unexpected twist before the intermission point. The twist is followed by more twists and shocks. The second half turns quite serious with lots of sudden and shocking developments.

The director has executed the emotional scenes well. The focus of the film, however, gets deviated with too many tracks and twists. The dialogues are sharp in many places.

Music by Srikanth Deva has variety including melody, `gana', and `kuthu'. O rasikkum Seemaaney' (Anuradha has sung this song beautifully) and `Ninaiththathu Pothum' are soothing to the ears, while the collage `Gana' passes muster. But the overall impact of the music is marred by two much of songs and too much of loudness.

Arun Vijay has proved his worth as an action hero. The young man with a well-built body excels in action scenes. He is also impressive in romantic and emotional scenes. He has shown his histrionic skills by his powerful portrayal in the climax and the sequences leading to climax.

Sheela looks cute and acts with some maturity. She also tries - with some success indeed - to ooze sex appeal in the song `O Rasikkum Seemaney'. The girl looks an improved actor when compared to her previous ventures.

Seetha gets to don the role of the single mother, which has become mandatory in the recent films. Today's filmmakers depend on the experience of the erstwhile heroines to provide powerful performance in sentimental roles. Seetha has ably provided what is expected from her.

Jerovadhan as the younger brother is credible as an eccentric character. Karunas - Mayil Sami comedy track is just about okay. Villain Sathayaprakash with his strange pronunciation leaves a mark. Bose Venkat as an encounter specialist is impressive.

`Vedha' could have been a far better film had the director focused the subject sharply.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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