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Vattaram Music Review

Vattaram Music Review
Gemini Productions
Arya, Napoleon, Keerat, Athisaya
Rings the right range
Monday, October 9, 2006 • Tamil Comments

Saran and Bharadwaj share an amazing and excellent rapport. They have been part of 11 films so far, and have come up with many modern-day classics.

Vattaram is no different from their earlier ones, for it has a right mix of soothing melodies and hip-hop numbers. Bharadwaj has given more thrust on Vairamuthu's good lyrics. Interestingly, Bharadwaj has introduced seven new singers.

The trio of Saran, Bharadwaj and Vairamuthu has lived up to expectations.

Mudhal Mudhala (Rajesh Krishna and Janani)

Bharadwaj begins with a bang. A romantic number with peppy beats where Vairamuthu's lyrics ooze romance. The newcomers Rajesh Krishna, who has a striking resemblance to Hariharan's voice, and Janani have done their job well. Bharadwaj knows the knack of sustaining the tempo all through in romantic numbers and the song is a perfect example to it. The debutants bring a freshness that is very vital these days.

Ovvoru Pillaiyum (Mukesh)

The song has Vairamuthu's mastery written all over it. Mukesh renders this song, which is aimed at conveying a philosophy of life, with rare mix of sadness and style. The song reminds one of a pathos number Thalaikizha Nadakiran, in Saran - Bharadwaj's Gemini earlier. Saran has given enough liberty to Vairamuthu while Bharadwaj has ensured that his music doesn't spoil Vairamuthu's party.

Idhu Kadhal (Rajesh Krishna)

The pick of the album indeed. Soft and melodious, the song immediately strikes the listeners for the beautiful chorus and brisk musical accompaniment. The harmony stands out in the number. A feel of warmth prevails all through the song. Using heavy percussion instruments, Bharadwaj has managed to come out with this melody. His experimentation certainly works wonders. Rajesh Krishna has in him the necessary ingredients to make it to the big league.

Unnai Partha (Shalini and Chorus)

Bharadwaj's passion for Carnatic music is well known. He has come up with several classical raaga based songs in the past and all of them have made it to the audio charts. Unnai Partha is no different for it is founded on Carnatic background. Living up to the challenge is Shalini here. It is in fact refreshing to hear her sing in this fashion. Bharadwaj's shrewd fusion of the Carnatic and contemporary music deserves appreciation.

Star Hotel (Kavitha, Mrinalini and Sathyan)

The O Podu and Cheena Thana man back in his elements. The raciness of beats, the liveliness of rendition, the smartness of packaging, make Star Hotel a number for the mass audience.  Kavitha, Mrinalini and Sathyan fill it with energy and enthusiasm. The lyrics too are full of power and punch. Set to repeat the magic of O Podu is Star Hotel. Bharadwaj sustains the momentum all through.

Yaar Tharuvaar (Bharadwaj)

These days, the music directors make it a point to render at least one song themselves. Bharadwaj, being no exception, has sung this theme song. A peppy beginning sets the stage and Bharadwaj's unique style of rendering give life to the song. The brisk number has catchy lyrics by Vairamuthu.

Naana Idhu Naana (Kalyani)

Kalyani's voice stands out in melodious relief. She infuses it with the right range and rhythm. The instrumentation, though loud, matches her method and mood. The tone and timbre are regular, but the voice carries it far.

Vattaram is certainly worth hearing.