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Vathikuchi Music Review

Vathikuchi Music Review
Murugadoss ProductionsFox Star Studios
Dhileban, Anjali, Saranya Ponvannan, Sampath, Jayaprakash
P Kinslin
A. R. Murugadoss
M Ghibran
Strapping the candid way
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 • Tamil Comments

This man shot to fame in just one album. Post the phenomenal success of `Vaagai Sooda Vaa', making it big in not just the chart list, but also the awards to its credit, the multitalented young composer has reserved his special position in the list of favourites. Emerging from a sea of hopes vested on him by music lovers, here comes his next treat, `Vathikuchi'.

1. Kuru Kuru  Listen here
Voice: Sundar Narayana Rao
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The album opens with a gentle breeze of chords that transcend effortlessly to beautiful music after a count of four. This portion, especially, reminds one of Ilayaraja classics. And then comes the booming voice of Sundar Narayana Rao. The singer has high volumes of potential, which has been quite extensively explored in this track. Though it comes across as a quite simple compilation, a keen observer will note the quick transitions in pitches, which the macho voice has done perfect justice to. Na Muthukumar has almost never disappointed music maniacs, and this is no exception to the rule. The track wraps up in just the same musical enormity with which it begins.

2. Amma Wake Me Up  Listen here
Voices: Anita, Shabir, Shruthi Ravi
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

This song runs along whimsical lines all the way till the end. Quite a peppy number, sung by three energetic and unique voices, this song portrays - or so it tries to - a random day in the life of a girl who happens to be bitten by the shopping bug. The song seems to make perfect sense on these grounds, but only till the penultimate phrase of each line; then on, it nullifies any sense that it made so far. A crazy shopper is fine, but making a big scene out of shopping lip gloss or hairspray, takes it to multiple levels of senselessness. The background score is pretty much wayward, but the composer's genius has tamed it well into frame. All said and done, such an erratic number is a new comer to the industry.

3.Kanna Kanna Listen here
Voice: Sundar Narayana Rao
Lyrics: Arivumathi

Anyone would predict and bet all their luck on challenging this song to be a thoroughbred breezy melody, going by the signature music. This is a melody, no doubt, but is a rather heavy melody. Yet again, the talented singer's expertise shows up in his versatility over a wide range. There is no questioning the quality of lyrics - each line, especially in the second and third stanzas, has some of the most idiosyncratic combinations of words. But they lack coherence from one line to the next; therefore, it ends up sounding like a long collection of poetically perfect one-liners. Though the singer is highly talented, the style in which he concludes every line, makes it seem as though he has gone breathless, which is highly inappropriate. However, the roll of beats, humming and the mild key tones in the conclusion make the song a complete package.

4. Ari Unnai  Listen here
Voice: Shabir
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Quite a placid beginning for a powerful number, the track takes shape with Shabir's voice. What we have is yet another talented singer in the pack, who has the command to intend his voice to evolve into a variety of pitches and genres, that too, in quick transitions. After a hiatus, this song belongs to the self-realization shelf, which is a diametrical change from the relatively light mood created so far, in the album. With just the right sized dollop of chorus in the recipe, this is makes for a firm cum racy number; and gathering up all the instruments towards the conclusion, makes it all the more zestful.

5. Theme of Vathikuchi  Listen here
The scene remains rather amiable and warm until the roll of drums at almost half a minute from the beginning, and from there, it gains pace. First, it is strings in bass that contributes to the speed, followed in rhythm by the same notes in normal tones that reach further high up in pace as well as pitch, with complimentary pounds at each level. The track changes beat, and the strings touch the higher reaches of E, yet maintaining harmony, before it magically transforms into air instruments accompanied by keys. Then all of them come together in one package, when the track decides to change pace yet again, with the drums taking the lead this time, concluding in strings and disintegrating into wires.

Though all the tracks are distinctively special, in each number, the background score sings a song on its own. So for those of you who love the composer's intricacies, there is a set of karaoke version of each song, in the end. Even if this album is not a sensation, everybody is bound to carry the repertoire to their shower, and hum these numbers all through the day, for these songs, certainly leave a lasting impression. Four voices, four lyricists, few strings, some beats and keys, and one young man behind them all - this is yet another musical magic from Ghibran.

Rating: 4/5 - Ghibran retains the trust

Verdict: Multiple layers of musical bliss