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Varapogum Sooriyaney Preview

Varapogum Sooriyaney Peview
Divyashethra Films
Trivikram, Priyanjali, Duraipandi, Anjalidevi, Sathyapriya, Ramesh Khanna, Sembuli Jagan, Gopi, Gouthami, Devan, Nambhirajan, Ajay Ratnam

Varapogum Sooriyaney

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Tamil Comments

Though the film has all commercial aspects like action, sentiment, romance, comedy, it has a message to the youth of today.

The film tells about how a son should respect his father and the way a father should bring up the son, claims S K Samy  the director who has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for Varapogum Sooriyaney.

S.K.Samy, an assistant to Bhagyaraj, Vikram, V Sekar and Arjun debuts as the director.

He introduces a new pair Trivikram and Priyanjali from Tollywood for the lead pair. Ahudhi Prasad, the popular Telugu artist plays the role of the hero's father. Seetha plays the mother.

Even though the film has a message for youth and elders the entertainment value is kept intact claims C R Rajan.

Rajan started his career as a Telugu film distributor in Tirupati. He then moved over to production of Telugu films.

It was then that he started distributing Tamil films in Tirupati and slowly he found that it was viable to make a subject which would appeal to the youth in general.

When Samy told him a story which would attract the elders also he decided to go ahead.

The director has brought in Bhagyaraj kind of sentiments and V sekar's  cost effective production values and Arjun's style of action says Rajan about the director.

Duraipandi, Anjalidevi, Sathyapriya, Ramesh Khanna, Sembuli Jagan, Gopi, Gouthami, Devan, Nambhirajan and Ajay Ratnam are the other artistes.

Cinematography by Akilan and Music by Deva.

The film is produced by C.R.Rajan under the banner of Divyashethra Films.