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Varalaru Music Review

Varalaru Music Review
NIC arts
Ajit, Asin, Kaniga
K S Ravikumar
SS. Chakravarthy
A R Rahman
Master class
Friday, February 24, 2006 • Tamil Comments

No other music director creates such an expectation in the market as Rehman does. In many ways, it is unfair. Like we expect Tendulkar to score a century every time, we want a winner from Rehman every time. The thing he never fails us mostly.

In Godfather too, he has not let us down. Giving a mix of his much-famed orchestration and some new beats, Rehman shows that class is permanent. It may not be his best effort. But at any rate, it betters anything that the competition offers.

Kamma Karaiyal Umma Kodu

The beat and haunting humming set you up for an intriguing mix. This is mass song but with a unique, and different, flavor. It doesn't go over the top. The rendition --- Naresh and Sowmya --- is well controlled. But there is a new feel to the tune and humming. Only the inane lyrics give the game away. Rehman's splendid rhythms again stand out.

Ilamai Vidukathai

The start reminds you of many Rehman songs of ore. The beats too are typical. So is it deja vu time? Certainly not. The song quickly gets into the groove and mood perks up as the singers go in for a spirited rendition. Suresh Peter and Blaze (the rap part) may both mince the words but they sure have a yen for songs that is full of zest and zeal. One for you all those jiving on the dance floor.

Ilamai Vidukathai (remix)

Interestingly this remix provides a better experience than the original. There is more life and gusto. Naresh, Tanvi and Mahathi give their own interpretation and add a piquant spice to overall feeling. Naresh will certainly be a talked about singer after this.

Katril Oru Varthai

Sadhana Sargam starts as beguilingly as only she can. But the tune gets down to some 80s Hindi tabla-dholak tune. Before you wonder what it is, Sadhana reverts to style and simplicity. It is an elegant melody interspersed with some interesting touches the interludes have unmistakable Laxmikant-Pyarelal flavor . SPB adds his own brand of magic to it. So does Reena. All in all, a good potpourri.

Inninisai Azhai (in three variants)

This seems to be the anthem of the album as it is featured thrice. In whichever way you hear it, it is splendid. The remix version in fact is better with Srinivas' inimitable vocal chords. Srinivas is a special talent and he needs to be given more opportunities by our music directors. Naresh's vocals too strike a chord. In some places, it simply holds on to you like a friend. The jathis are energetic. Mahathi's voice contours the essential Hindolam ragam flavor beautifully. Te chorus version grows on you as most Rehman's melodies do. Certainly one for the records.

Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali

Rehman never resorts to musical cliches. He always experiments with the form and flavor. This one is a quaint one. It has a Goanese feel. But he has made it sound more attractive. The interludes are certainly new one, never heard before. There is a slew of singers ---Kalpana, Sonu, Leon, Peer, Renjith. All of them sound alike in the chorus. But it is all fun and unmistakably Rehman!

Theeyil Vizhundh Theenai

Rehman's muse is Sufism. Get that feel as goes hauntingly for the high pitch and then come down to lisp the lyrics. In one word, amazing. Like a cool breeze during sand-paper heat, Rehman's vocals and tunes offer present balm. The rhythms and orchestration are understated. But perfectly in sync with the number.

All in all, another winner from Rehman.