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Drama | Thriller

Season : 1Episode : 7Release Date : 08/12/2023


Avika Gor takes the lead in the web series "Vadhuvu," skillfully directed by Poluru Krishna, alongside a talented cast featuring Ali Reza and Nandu in pivotal roles.

Rating - 2 / 5

Vadhuvu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 8, 2023 ]

Vadhuvu - Problems Unsolved

Avika Gor first enchanted audiences with her spellbinding performance in "Chinnari Pelli Koothuru" before ascending to stardom in Tollywood. Following her engaging portrayal in the web series "Mansion House," she is set to enthrall once again with the upcoming web series "Vadhuvu." The gripping trailer has already ignited the imagination of viewers, and anticipation is building as the series is scheduled to start streaming on December 8, 2023. Brace yourselves for another spellbinding performance from Avika Gor in this thrilling web series.

Vadhuvu Web Series Review


Indu (Avika Gor) and Anand (Nandu) triumph over numerous startling obstacles in their journey to marriage, finally tying the knot. However, the joyous occasion takes an unexpected turn for Indu as she steps into her in-laws' sprawling mansion. What awaits her are more shocking and mysterious occurrences, adding layers of complexity to her new life. The intriguing plot unfolds the mysteries within her in-laws' house and explores the enigmatic connection to her brother-in-law Arya (Ali Reza). As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn into a captivating story that unravels the twists and turns within the intricate web of relationships.


Avika Gor impeccably portrayed the role of a newlywed bride, showcasing a perfect blend of calmness, poise, and awkwardness as she navigated interactions within her in-law's house. Her nuanced expressions and well-crafted body language left a lasting impact on the screen, complemented by her ease and composure while delivering dialogues.

Vadhuvu Web Series Review

Nandu, in the role of the new groom, effectively conveyed a sense of suspicion towards his wife. His eyes reflected insecurity, and his dialogue delivery was infused with genuine emotions. Nandu skillfully portrayed subtle cunningness and frustration, contributing to the depth of his character.

Ali Reza stole the spotlight with his striking looks, captivating body language, and impeccable dialogue delivery. His calm and composed demeanor, coupled with powerful expressions, made a lasting impression on the big screen. The overall ensemble cast, including Roopa Lakshmi, Madhavi, Mounika, Sridhar Reddy, Amma Ramesh, Surabhi Deepthi, and Subhashri Roy, delivered performances in sync with their respective roles.

Directed by Poluru Krishna, "Vadhuvu" is a remake of the Bengali web series "Indhu," comprising seven episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. While Krishna maintained the core plot and initiated the narration in an engaging manner, the series experienced a decline in interest due to a few repetitive scenes and heightened conversations among the lead characters. To enhance engagement, incorporating additional twists and turns could have elevated the narrative.

Vadhuvu Web Series Review

Despite commendable screenplay and direction, the series concluded in the final episode with many open-ended elements, leaving viewers somewhat disappointed. Sriram Maddury's background music enhanced the cinematic experience, elevating scenes to new heights. The cinematography by Ram K Mahesh provided a natural and realistic feel to the visuals, while Anil Kumar's editing successfully maintained the screenplay's integrity. Decent dialogues and fine production values added to the overall quality of the series.


Avika Gor's "Vadhuvu" unfolds as an intriguing thriller, enriched by captivating performances from Ali Reza and Nandu. Director Poluru Krishna demonstrates competence in crafting a compelling story, maintaining a strong screenplay, and delivering effective direction. While the film succeeds in holding the audience's attention, the addition of a few more gripping twists and thrilling elements could have propelled it to greater heights. Nevertheless, the combination of an engaging narrative and commendable performances makes "Vadhuvu" a worthwhile watch in the realm of web series thrillers.


Cast: Avika Gor, Nandu, Ali Reza, Roopa Lakshmi, Madhavi, Mounika, Sridhar Reddy, Amma Ramesh, Surabhi Deepthi, Subhashri Roy And Others

Director: Poluru Krishna

Music: Sriram Maddury

Producer: Shrikanth Mohta, Mahendra Soni

Production: SVF

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