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Vadacurry Music Review

Vadacurry Music Review
Meeka Entertainment
Jai, Swati Reddy
Saravana Rajan
Dayanidhi Azhagiri
Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vivek Shiva, Mervin Solomon
Upbeat and fun
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, April 10, 2014 • தமிழ்] Comments

Comedy is an all time favourite genre for everyone. But adding thriller to it is a bold initiative, as the two.contradicting streams should be carried with apt precision such that it keeps the audience engaged. Now that is a lot of responsibly on debutante Saravana Rajan. Jai and Swathi are teaming up again after their blockbuster hit 'Subramaniapuram', and here's a sneak peek into 'Vadacurry' to find out how two teams have worked to compose magical music for such a different genre.

1. Nenjukulla Nee
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Voices: Vijay Prakash, Diwakar, Ajeesh Ashok
Lyrics: Ponraj

How to express the melting love of an innocent young lad? 'Nenjukulla Nee' is definitely a perfectly fitting answer. The song starts with hum and strums to be later joined in my beats, just before poesy is rendered. The song has a light, upgrading feeling throughout. Interestingly, this number seems to have been inspired a lot from Goan music, with the repeating strum stimulating a beach-like feeling. The lyrics describe how striking the protagonist's lady love is - or, how awe-struck he is, of her simplicity. In all, this is an enjoyable clean song opening a clean album.

2. Low Aana Life-u
Music: Vivek- Mervin
Voices: Anirudh, Andrea
Lyrics: Harish

One of the most famous and sensational woman of all times is making her most awaited Kollywood debut in 'Vadacurry'. While everyone is eager to see her on screen presence, work has been underway to give Sunny Leone her the smashing entry here in K-town. And that is what Vivek-Mervin's 'Low Aana Life' all about. It is a mix of desi taste in titch club with a little bit of dubstep, and is an optimistic song of everything working right. And what more do you need when you have Sunny grooving with you! The song is a duet between the protagonist and Sunny, and both their characters and attitudes have been set clearly and are considered when penning down the lines. After the second stanza, the song shifts tempo to more desi than before. The last signature guitar is one to look out for. Just as the lyrics go, this is a tremendously hit song.

3. Kellunganne Kullunga
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Voice: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: Gaana Bala

Is it a gossip song? Or is it just very inquisitive. 'Kellunganne Kellunga' is neither. Gaana Bala has the knack of conveying serious truth of life in simple and funny lines, and this is one such song wherein complicated truth are made to understand in quirky lines. The song begins with beautiful piano which makes it impossible for anyone to gauge that this is the very old song that speaks of the truth of life. Lyrics are non partisan yet funny in their own manner. This song is also upbeat throughout, and lighthearted. Beats and strings used in this song are complimentary to the mood of this song. In all, the song is a lightheaded yet confident number, with quirky lyrics.

4. Ullankaiyil Ennaivaithu
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Voice: Siddharth Mahadevan
Lyrics: Snehan

It was clear from the trailer that 'Vadacurry' is a thrilling suspense that primarily on the usage of cell phone. And so, this number begins with notes that resemble a cell phone being dialled. Going further, the song takes shape as the one that may reveal many secrets, and portrays the chase of hero towards the truth. And what better genre to register fear and anxiety than dubstep, which has been used extensively in this song. With minimal lyrics looping up continuously, the song gives the feel of a real physical chase towards unlocking the truth. The song winds up in a near dead end, saving the thrill and mystery of change.

5. Uyirin Meloru Uyirvanthu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Voices: Sathyan, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

The last track in the album is special for a number of reasons - it is the only one in the album that is composed by a different composer, and is the only romantic duet among all other songs in the album. The song is refreshing and mesmerising; it begins with a unique beat pattern which backs the song throughout. Gentle keys here and there and the tap beats that support the entire song, has two highly complimenting and beautiful voices on the foreground, singing a clean romantic duet. While the background music is westernised, the singers' rendition is almost classical with a deliberate stress at a few places, which add to the pep of the song. Though there are no signature music or humming procedures in this song, there is no dearth of melody or romantic quotient in the song, making it a happy listening experience.

'Vadacurry' album is very western in all, with the choice of instruments, tunes and voices. It has an element for everyone, and no doubt, anybody will like the album immediately.

Rating: 3/5
Verdict: Music for everyone