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Vadacurry Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, June 19, 2014 • தமிழ் ]
Vadacurry Review
Meeka Entertainment
Jai, Swati Reddy
Saravana Rajan
Dayanidhi Azhagiri
Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vivek Shiva, Mervin Solomon

Producer Dhayanidhi Alagiri who has churned out commercially successful films that were also people favourites is back after a short gap with a re-christened production banner `Meeka Entertainements' to give `Vadacurry'. With Saravan Rajan a former assistant of Venkat Prabhu, Jai who has proved his mettle in handling comedies and RJ Balaji in a strong supporting role and Jai's `Subramaniapuram' heroine Swati as the lead heroine the movie promised all what it takes for a romantic comedy. 

Does the film live up to the promise?

Sathish (Jai) is a medical representative hailing from a lower middle class family. He gets embarrassed when all people around him tease him for not having a costly mobile phone. He accidentally gets an unclaimed `i Phone' and wishes to give it back to the owner. But his close friend Karikalan aka Vadacurry (RJ Balaji) persuades him to keep it for his use and Sathish starts using the phone with his SIM card.

Meanwhile he falls for Naveena (Swathi) at first sight and somehow manages to win her heart.

Inspired by his Auto driver elder brother (Aruldoss), Sathish decides to give back the `i phone' mobile to its original owner. During the process he gets trapped in a mistaken identity for Raviprakash (the actual owner of the i Phone) who indulges in illegal sales of medical drugs. Sathish has to prove that he is not Raviprakash to save Karikalan who has been taken hostage by Dhayalan (Ajay Raj), another medical representative who has been cheated by Raviprakash for a huge amount.

Who is Raviprakash? Does Sathish manage to nab him and save his friend and love? Watch the film on silver screen to know the answers for these questions.

Debutante director Saravanan Rajan has packaged a wafer thin story with equal share of comedy, romance, sentiment and suspense. While the first half is filled with relatable comedy and light hearted romance, second half is filled with thrill and suspense.

The first scene where Jai gets exposed around a group of people in a hospital starts engaging us with the film. Thanks to RJ Balaji's typical one-liners and characters and sequences that remind us of the ones we see in day to day lives, the first half is fully enjoyable.

Only towards the interval the crisis in the script begins and the story shifts to a different mode in the second half . The sequences that follow offer thrilling moments that will engage the viewer though they are not so tight and make you bite your nail.

`How this will happen?' kind of questions arises in quite a few occasions in the second half and that even acts as a dampener.  But the thrilling sequences packaged with funny interludes do not leave us complaining much about this. The logical loop holes and cinematic liberties taken by the director do not cross the tolerable limits.

But the final twist is easily guessable much before it gets revealed. A little care could have been taken to avoid this. The climax is another case of cinematic liberty where the lead man turns a bravo all of a sudden.

Saravana Rajan should be appreciated for his dialogues also. The ones lauding MGR and a reference made with today's heroes and how MGR was different from them raises huge applause and whistles. The relevance of the title and the  story has been mocked in the film itself and that is hilarious.

It's a tailor made role for Jai and thankfully the actor does not remind us of any of his earlier films. He emotes well and his dialogue delivery has improved a lot. RJ Balaji elevates to the next level in comical supporting roles. Seems he will not spare the film `Settai' which got him into a soup. However we can soon expect him to share screen space with star actors.

Swathi looks good and has limited scope to perform.  Aruldoss and Kasthuri who has acted as his wife fit the bill. Venkat Prabhu and his brother Premji appear in impressive cameos. 

The much hyped Sunny Leone song lives up to the expectation in the way it has been canned and the Sunny's ravishing looks. But the placement is poor. Also the `Ullankayil Ennai Vaithu' song coming in the second half hampers the narration.

The songs composed by debutante's Mervin Solomon and Vivek Siva are passable and re-recording is apt. Cinematography by N.Venkatesh is neat and Praveen KL's editing has contributed for the slick narration.

If your idea of a movie is fun filled entertainment you can take this `Vadacurry' as the main course for this weekend.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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