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Vaana Music Review

Vaana Music Review
Sumanth Art Productions
Vinay, Meera Chopra, Suman, Jayasudha, Seetha, Naresh, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
M.S. Raju
A ghazal, a remix and MS Raju, make it work
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, December 15, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

The album has eight songs, more than the usual five or six songs. Sumanth Arts has always been associated with good music. So, it is no wonder that MS Raju takes care to give a different sounding album for his debut film as a director. Being a remake of a Kannada film, it does have the touch in a couple of numbers. But barring that, the music director does try to add his touches to bring out an album that would surely be remembered for trying to be off the popular track. However, that is not to say, it does not have the usual fast numbers. In fact, Kamalakar does not shy away from having a remix of Kurisindi vaana as the title track.

Akasa Ganga

You cannot help but feel it's a Kannada song you are listening to on Vividh Bharati. It is melodious, but has a heavy Kannada touch to it. It sounds like a remix of an old Kannada song. The lyrics are touching, but it feels more like light music. Maybe, it's what commercial cinema has done to us, but it does feel like it's from a genre, different from popular cinema.

Yeduta nilichindi choodu

This is another song that is a soft number. It's a tad bit like a Telugu ghazal. There is Kamalakar's flute enhancing the mood that the song intends to create. Karthik has a mellow voice that suits the song as it does for the earlier song.

Dolare damadam

This is a sudden variation from the earlier numbers. It has the beats that one expects from the songs of today's films. Ranjith sings this energetic song and his voice is very youthful and perfect for this Telugu Bhangra number.

Venta padu

Kamalakar has used the violin a lot for this song. Sung by Chitra, it is a sad number, and the pathos is highlighted because of her lovely voice. This again is a soft number.

Unnatta lenatta

A remix-style song interlaced with rap, as is the norm these days, this a number sung by Ranjith. It is an interesting number and could find it itself on the charts much before the others.

Muvvante maina

It is another interesting song, where Kamalakar uses his instruments to the best use to give the number a new twist. A few notes are reminiscent of the '70s songs in some places. Of course, Mallikarjun is as good as ever.

Akasa Ganga (Pathos)

This one feels like a proper orchestra piece, albeit with lyrics included. A sadder version of the first song, this version is surely more appealing.

Sirimalle vaana
Ranjith, Chitra

It's the title song and is an ode to the song Kurisindi vaana naa gundelona. But a modern version of it, sung by Ranjith and Chitra. Like in Hindi, our music directors too are seeing sense in giving the old numbers a modern touch. This one's a perfect example of the adage -- old wine in a new bottle.

Check out the album. You might just start liking it as you hear them more and more.

Cast: Vinay, Meera Chopra


Music Director: Kamalakar

Lyricist: 'Sirivennela' Sitarama Sastry

Released by: Aditya Music