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Toss Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, July 17, 2007 • తెలుగు ]
Toss Review
Dev Film Dreams Pvt. Ltd.
Upendra, Raja, Priyamani
Priyadarshini Ram

Priyadarshini Ram made his debut through 'Manodu' which could not impress the Telugu audiences. Though he tried to better his directorial capability to some extent, his latest film 'Toss' failed to please the audiences totally. With the first half moving at a slow pace, the director wrapped up the second half and the climax with terrible speed. The audiences were unable to catch up the speed and were totally confused as the film galloped in the second half.

Sivaji Rao (Vinodkumar) is a sincere constable and Naik (Suman) is his close friend. Parasuram @ Parsu (Raja) is Sivaji Rao's son. Sivaji Rao gets a medal and Naik unable to digest it. Naik implicates Sivaji Rao in illicit liquor deaths' case and Sivaji Rao commits suicide. Agastya (Raghunatha Reddy) is Sivaji Rao's trusted lieutenant. As he comes to know about the crooked plan of Naik, the henchman of Naik also kills him.

In the process, Agastya's wife also gets killed. Agastya's son Neelakanta (Upendra) and daughter Nayana (Priyamani) some how escape from the clutches of the goons. But due to the poisoning Nayana loses her eyesight. Neelakanta was of the opinion that Sivaji Rao was responsible for his parents' death and for the blindness of Nayana. He bores grudge against Sivaji Rao's family, even though Sivaji Rao is dead. Parsu is a do-gooder. He could not get a job in the police department, so he turns an undercover police. Once a mafia gang robs bank and escapes with Rs 10 crore. The police believe that it was the handiwork of Neelakanta. Naik employs Parsu to find out the truth and get back the money.

However, in the process, Parsu and Nayana fall in love with each other. Neelakanta who was on the look out for Sivaji Rao's family finds Parsu is the one whom he was searching, but could not do any harm to him as Nayana loved him.

In the climax, Parsu reveals the truth to Neelakanda that Sivaji Rao was not responsible for Agastya's death but the culprit was Naik. Finally Parsu teaches Naik a lesson. Neelakanta dies due to a bullet injury in a bid to save Nayana in the end.

All the lead artistes gave a good performance. Upendra was in his usual self and showed his own style of histrionics. Raja earned a mass image through this movie with a couple of action scenes.

Priyamani did a good job as a blind girl, while Kamna Jethmalani had filled the glamour slot. Ramya is okay as the lover of Upendra.

Comedy by Krishna Bhagawan, Venumadhav and Ali fail to impress the audiences.

The director failed to justify why he kept Kamna Jethmalani in the film.

Abhinayasri played a routine role in the film and there are no sizzling dances as well.

Suman and Raghunatha Reddy's roles were also not properly etched. Digital Wiper Stream Camera, the latest technology that was being used in Hollywood films, made the film a little attractive.

Manisharma's tunes are okay but their choreography is not very impressive but for a couple of songs including the title song. Director Priyadarshini Ram provided the story, screenplay, besides editing and directing the film. But he could not maintain an equal tempo all through the film. Production values of the banner are adequate.

Cast: Upendra, Raja, Priyamani, Kamna Jethmalani, Ramya, Suman, Vinodkumar, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Venumadhav, Raghunatha Reddy, Subbaraju, Sudha, Abhinayasri, Master Bharatkumar and others

Credits: Cinematography - Surender Reddy, Dialogues - Sampath Nandi, Lyrics - Ashok Teja, Kandikonda, Anant Sriram, Sai Sriharsha, and Priyadarsini Ram, Music - Manisharma, Presents - Priyadarsini Sarada Reddy, Co-producer - KK Radhamohan, Producer - Dev Amarnath, Story, screenplay, editing and direction -Priya

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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