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Thunta Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 15, 2005 • Kannada ]
Thunta Review
Eshwar, Ektha Khosla. Ashish Vidyarthi, Amrutha, Sharan, Ganesh, Swastik Shankar, Shobharaj, Ramesh Bhat, Chitra Shenoy, Dharma
Om Prakash Rao
Purushoththama Rao
Sadhu Kokila

Director Om Prakash Rao has now mastered the art of remixing some good sequences from popular non-Kannada films and adding it to a thin line story and presenting the film as an original presentation. By this method the director has avoided being labeled as a remake film director and has also been successful in saving the hundred percent tax exemption that is reserved for original films. Any remake film will not be eligible for a full tax exemption in the Karnataka state.

His latest presentation is the remix of some popular non-Kanada films like Tamil film "Kadalukku Maryadai", Telugu films "Varsham", "Atanokkade" and "Student Number One' and Hindi film "Style". Each and every scene in the film will remind you of some film you have already seen. Perhaps the story writer and the director are under the impression that Kannada film audience are not in the habit of seeing other language films and even if his lifting of sequences from other non-Kannada films are noticed, it does not have any impact on the box office collections. This perception has proved right in the case of Om Prakash Rao's previous directorial ventures like "Kalasipalya" and "Ayya" which have proved to be highly popular in Box office. "Thunta" has just followed the remix formula of the above named films.

The story of "Thunta" revolves around the exploits of its hero Krishna, who is a fun loving college going boy who is utterly fond of his sister-in-law but is being neglected by his own brother. On the other end is Divya, the film's heroine who is being protected by her over possessive brothers. Divya webs some story to her brothers when she is forcibly engaged to a city don's cruel son. She tells that she is in love with a boy called Krishna. Divya's brothers then try several methods to intimidate Krishna and even threaten his family members.

A defiant Krishna unsettles the brothers by revealing the truth that he was really not in love with Divya. But Divya persists with her love and Krishna becomes the target of the possessive brothers. Krishna throws out a challenge that he will marry Divya come what may. Keeping aside of the threats from the city don, Krishna fights and gets Divya.

Eshwar who was introduced by his brother Crazy Star Ravichandran in "Aham Premasmi' shines in his second film and shows his prowess as an action hero. He is good in action sequences and songs, which are choreographed very well in the film. His lively performance is the saving point of the film. Mumbai based girl Ektha Khosla looks cute in the song sequences, but fails short in performance.

Ashish Vidyarthi is at his menacing best. Shobharaj appears in a single sequence, but he comes out in flying colors. All other character artists have played their roles well.

Director Om Prakash sets a brisk pace for the film's narration and succeeds in engaging the audience. But he should have done the script work with little more precision. Seetharam's camera work is as usual top class. Ravichandran has delivered a couple of hummable tunes in the film. On the whole "Thunta" is for the action lovers. It also presents a dependable hero for the Kannada film industry in the form of Eshwar.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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