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Thoovaanam Music Review

Thoovaanam Music Review
Adhitya, Naethra
Haricharan, Newton
Isaac Thomas
Dulcet delights
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, February 14, 2007 • தமிழ்] Comments

Tamil film buffs may not have heard much about Isaac Thomas. But he is a well-established music director in Malayalam. His strength is easy melodies backed by some earthy beats. He has a ear and heart for haunting lilts. The grounding in both carnatic and western classic is also pretty much evident in Isaac's works.

In Thoovaanam, Isaac makes a promising start with songs that range from average to very good.

Isaac has not tried to be flashy or flamboyant. Playing well within his ken, Isaac is on the ball almost all through. A couple of numbers will take time to establish. But all the same, they are also good.

Mazhai Nindrum (S P Balasubramaniam)

In a sense, it is always better to start with SPB. Like Sachin in cricket, he is bankable. The song that talks about human tenacity and perseverance gets the right push from SPB. There are two distinct cadences to the song as it starts in a simple, melodious way. Soon the tempos shift to a higher gear. Though the transition is not exactly seamless, it is all the same enjoyable. The rhythms are indeed snappy and sizzling.

Aedhedho Maatramadi (Parasuram)

Those who had been in Chennai Music season last year would easily recognise this voice. Parasuram for film music buffs is Anuradha Sriram's husband. He is well versed in violin and Hindustani classical. Here, he has been brought in for the latter. The moment you hear the song, you immediately understand that the music director's gamble is worth it. It is an inspired choice actually as Parasuram, with his open-throated ways, brings to the fore the colourful romance in the lyrics. The soft humming adds to the lustre and lilt. A clean hit.

Idhayam Irundha Idam (Vinaya)

The husky voice of Vinaya comes as the right fit to this seemingly sensual number. The tune immediately swathes an easy cotton-cover around you. The lilt is instantly likable. The lyrics, though, seem slightly off the mark at first hearing.

Eureka Eureka (Harish Raghavendra, Nidheesh Gopalan)

Again, Isaac shows his penchant for going for a tune that is essentially two-paced. The starting and ending carry a varied feel. Harish is, as ever, in good form. Nidheesh too backs up in right earnest. The songs's change in tempo, especially towards the end, maybe disconcerting.

SMS Ilae (Naresh Iyer, Mahathi, Vinaya, Stephan Devassy, Satyan)

The number of singers let you know of its genre immediately. It is fun-filled with full upbeat rhythms and makes you shake your hips and tap your feet. The lyrics are also interesting and carry with them a wacky spirit. The singers match this idea with their own sense of vibrancy.

Thoovaanam indeed drizzles with dulcet delights.

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