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Thirumagan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 9, 2007 • தமிழ் ]
Thirumagan Review
S.J.Suryah, Meera Jasmine, Malavika, Vijayakumar, Radha Ravi, Preethi Verma, Lakshana, Ranjith, Manivannan, Ilavarasu, Saranya
Kalaipuli S.Thanu

It now seems to be the season of 'rural themes' in Tamil cinema. After Veyyil and Paruthi Veeran, now comes Thirumagan.

All credit to debutant director Rathnakumar, who has come out with a good and clean entertainer. Apparently motivated by his mentor Bharathiraja, Rathnakumar has managed to churn out a film, which captures the lives in remote villages in a realistic way.

Rathnakumar is clear about his priorities. With the likes of SJ Suryah and Meera Jasmine in the cast, the director has consciously packaged a feast of action, romance and other commercial ingredients at the right mix.

For Suryah, the movie is sort of an acid-test. Known for urban and suave roles in his previous films, it was no easy joke for him to play a rustic youth. But the actor-director has managed to get under the skin of his character and live as Thangapandi in the movie. Be it humour or emotional scenes, he is there delivering it right.

Giving him perfect company is Meera Jasmine. It is cakewalk for the National award winning actor. Donning the role of Mayyakka (a pot-maker), Meera Jasmine goes on to show why she is much sought after when it comes to roles that demand a strong performance.  She is breathtakingly brilliant. Not surprising, because with every film of hers, we have seen myriad shades of her performance and they have showed us what a seasoned performer she is. Also, filling the glamour quotient well is Malavika.

The movie is set in a remote village near Theni. Thangapandi (Suryah) is the son of Malaisamy (Vijayakumar). The latter had once enjoyed huge wealth. His honest ways of living brings him admiration from the villagers.

Thangapandi, a carefree youth, falls in love with Mayyakka (Meera Jasmine). Mayyakka is a poor woman, who earns her livelihood selling pots. Thangapandi gets acquainted with her and they resolve to enter wedlock. Enters Thangapandi's relative Rasaathi (Preethi Verma), who wants to marry him. Meanwhile Malaisamy, the man with a noble heart, promises his friend Sivalingam (Radha Ravi), a rich landlord in the village, that he would arrange for Thangapandi's wedding with his physically challenged daughter Vairam (Lakshana). Maina (Malavika), a local tribe, also runs around romancing Thangapandi.

Things go awry when Thangapandi tells about his love for Mayyakka to his family. Malaisamy dies without his last wish being fulfilled. All blame falls on Thangapandi. The rest is all about how Thangapandi overcomes all his problems and whether he marries Mayyakka is told in an interesting fashion.

A feel-good film, Thirumagan has brilliant camera work by Venu. His choice of colours is amazing. Deva's music is very earthy.

The on-screen chemistry between the lead pair deserves special mention. Ranjith, Manivannan, Ilavarasu and Saranya are also in the cast.

Though the storyline is familiar, the brilliant screenplay and quick sequence of events make it engrossing.

Thirumagan is worth a watch.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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