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Thimiru Music Review

Thimiru Music Review
GK Film Corporation
Vishal, Reema Sen, Shriya Reddy
Tharun Gopi
Vikram Krishna
Yuvan Shankar Raja
One for the masses
Wednesday, August 2, 2006 • Tamil Comments

He is the latest sensation in Kollywood. With his tunes topping all charts and his movies making it big.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has already proved his mettle. Adding one more to his latest hits is Thimiru. It has a mix of racy, soft and peppy tunes. The highlight being a song sung by Gangai Amaran.

Thimiru starring Vishal, Reema Sen and Shriya Reddy is directed by debutant Tharun Gopi.

The other talking point of the album is that Yuvan recorded the songs in a studio in Bangkok.

Hitherto Yuvan was seen as a music-composer who can come up with classy stuff. In Thimiru, he has gone ahead to prove that he can also score music for the front-benchers.

Kattiko Rappa (Kunal Shreya Ghoshal)

A foot-tapping number. With brisk music and a peppy chorus accompanying, the song is sure to make it big. Shreya Ghosal with her brisk voice injects life into the song. Yuvan has used additional percussions well.

Thithikura Vayasu (Anupama)

A melody inspired accompanied by western music. Anupama, known for such songs, has done her best here too.  Soft beats accompanying the lyric gives the song the right lift. The catchy English lyrics used in between as chorus in the song is another highlight.

Mana Madurai (Shankar Mahadevan)

Yuvan Shankar has given an earthy and a peppy tune inspired by folksy tradition. A perfect mass song with brisk music sure to make it to the top of the audiocharts. Who else but Shankar Mahadevan can render such high voltage song. Yuvan has made the right choice.

Money Money (Anuska)

A hip-hop kind of number. Singing in an Anglican slang is Anuska for the number. However the song reminds one of Yuvan's earlier tunes. The trumpets and the drums are used to the maximum. A rap in between is also catchy.

Opuranae (Gangai Amaran)

The pick of the album. A musician and singer himself Gangai Amaran has sung the song which sticks to our lips instantly. A typical 'dappanguthu' number, Yuvan has again proved his mettle in coming up with a tune that front-benchers would love. Shades of his father Illayaraja's works in early 80's could be seen. Yet, the rocking song of the album.