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Thimiru Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 4, 2006 • Tamil ]
Thimiru Review
GK Film Corporation
Vishal, Reema Sen, Shriya Reddy
Tharun Gopi
Vikram Krishna
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Post Sandai Kozhi Vishal has managed to establish himself as an action-hero. Now Thimiru is a step towards confirming it. An action-packed entertainer with the right mix of commercial ingredients, Thimiru is one for the frontbenchers (and the box office).

Debutant director Tharun Gopi has taken a wafer thin storyline, but with a pulsating sequence of events, succeeds in sustaining the interest of the audience.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a group of baddies on Vishal's trail for no fault of his. How he manages to overcome them forms the crux.

The movie is about Ganesh (Vishal), who comes from Madurai to continue his medical course in Chennai. A group of baddies is on his pursuit. Meanwhile Srimathy (Reema Sen), daughter of Ganesh's professor, wants to meet him and thank him for helping her escape from the clutches of some vile elements.

When Ganesh and Srimathy meet they are surprised, for they know each other. Meanwhile, the gangsters on spotting both vow to kill them. Why? Well, it is flashback time.

Eswari (Shreya Reddy) is a shrewish, arrogant 'kattapanchayat' woman. She lends money at usurious rates and then goes after those families that fail to repay. Srimathy's family falls foul of Eswari. It is Ganesh who helps Srimathy's folks. Eswari, however, falls for Ganesh's bravery and boldness. So she wants him to marry her. But the hero doesn't.

She ends up kidnapping Ganesh's parents and threatens Ganesh to come to them and marry her. However Ganesh thwarts all her plans. Eventually in a freak mishap, Eswari meets her fate. Mistaking Ganesh to be the reason for their sister's death, Eswari's brothers Periya Karuppu (Manoj K Jayan) and Veerasamy (Vijayan) resolve to kill him.

Ganesh, who reaches Chennai for safety, is eventually forced to go back to his old ways to fight the baddies and restore order.

Vishal, who is just two films-old, has given a good performance. His tall physique comes handy in stunt scenes. In the company of Reema Sen, he is on the button, with his brisk stunt sequences. Reema Sen has got a limited footage, but has utilized it well. Vadivelu has a meaty role to play and has the audience in splits.

However the surprise element in the movie is Shreya Reddy. This VJ-turned-actress has played a girl with chutzpah and a raw attitude to life, who threatens Vishal to marry her.

It is heartening to see an actress who has the will (and talent) to attempt such a different role. Vadivelu as the college warden not just occupies a major screen space but delivers the goods as well. Also in the cast are Manoj K Jayan, former football player I M Vijayan, Manickam Vinayakam and Banuchander.

Though an often-seen theme, Tharun Gopi's shrewd characterization and swift screenplay makes the movie engrossing. Yuvan Shankar Raja has come up with some peppy numbers, while Kanal Kannan's stunts are a major highlight.

However on the flip side, the second half is lengthy and packed with needless stunt sequences.

After Chellamae and Sandai Kozhi, no doubt Thimiru will help Vishal score a hat-trick.

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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