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Thakka Thimi Tha Music Review

Thakka Thimi Tha Music Review
Yuvakrishna, Vivek, Ankitha, Tejaswi, M S Viswanathan, Paravai Muniamma, Rajeev, Nirosha, Shakeela
Sundar C
Imman delivers
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, February 5, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Sundar C has a knack for getting the best out of his music directors. In Thaka Thimitha he has made D Imman, an up and music director in Tamil, to work hard.

The songs are just right for a youthful and romantic subject. There is vibrancy and verve to the tunes that make it a very pleasurable experience on the whole.

1) Himsa

Srinivas has been out of action for some time now. But a singer of his talent should not. In this number, even amidst overtly dominating rhythms, he comes loud and clear. He has a strange and attractive resonance and it comes through in this lovely song. The orchestration is minimal and song is allowed to stay with you. A good number.

2) Hoodibaba

The song, with a name of a bike, is always going to be fast-paced. The mass number moves in pattern --- fast rhythms but the song itself is slightly slow. There is Goanese flavor to the number. Tippu is restrained from his usual over-the-top style. The lyrics are banal and mixed. An enjoyable medley, though.

3) Idhi Collegi Kaadu

It is not everyday that one music director sings for another. But R P Patnaik does and acquits himself well.

4) Neelo Dhaagina

Another Srinivas special. He combines with Usha very well. The tune may not be the most original in its conception. But it sure has its moments and grows on you. The orchestration also passes muster. Srinivas is very good and carries off the number beautifully. A real melody.

5) Ninu Choosthe

Just the exact opposite to the previous number. The Music director D Imman and Anuradha Sriram belt out a gusty, adrenaline-dripping number. It is as massy as they come. An absolutely spirited song that you cannot help tapping your feet. Anuradha is good. Imman's voice also stands the rigors of the number.

6) Thaluku Belukulunna

The song starts off as remake of an old Tamil song that are sung by the nomads. Another rhythm number sung by Ravivarma and Sunandha. The song changes tack in the middle and slows down. But still is a massy one.

7) Rayalaseema Rani

Karthik is a talent of the times. Listen him with Sunandha in this good song. Imman gives his vocals a good back up with some zing instrumentation.

8) Thaka Thimitha

The title song rounds off this polished effort. Usha and Ravivarma are full of authoritative gusto and the song has good rhythms and instrumental variations.

Nice rhythms and good melodies and is worth listening.