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Thagadu Thagadu Music Review

Thagadu Thagadu Music Review
Pa.Vijay, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Thambi Ramaiya , Manobala
Bala Murali Balu
An album which deserves more money than its title
IndiaGlitz [Monday, July 21, 2014 • தமிழ்] Comments

Pa. Vijay's acting career is yet to earn a name for him like his lyrical dexterity. He makes an interesting comeback with a storyline portrays the issue about pirated CD's.  Most of the crew are fresh and Balamurali Balu has done enough to earn a name for him with his new age tunes.

Mama Obama - Sharmila

The album opens to an experimental tune from the debut composer. Pa. Vijay has used his imagination to get the lyrics to gel with the funkier tune. But there's a speck of doubt arises whether the words would escape the scissors from censor board.  The song does have interesting electronic arrangements and a small portion between 0.43 - 0.59 which might sound alien to Tamil listeners.

Naan Naanaga Illai - Haricharan, Chinmayi

Album heads to a breezy romantic number  the ever dependable Chinmayi sound very assiduous to ensure the lyrics get the right pronunciation with a stand out style. The sound droplets in the prelude throws the beans right away and ask us to close our eyes for a lovable ride. Haricharan makes a late entry but overtakes the tune and his fellow singer to register his presence with his butter scotch  voice. Both the interludes features top notch violin arrangements with other instruments flows like a sauce all over a delicious pasta. Owing to the fantastic violin portion there's a verse highlights the same 'Violin pola ennai yendhu.. isaiyil ennai serthu neendhu'.

Oru CD 30 Roobai - Ranjith Deepesh, A.K. Haritha Kamalaja

The title track gets high as it progress which explains the pain of movie makers and the loss they incur because of pirated CD's. A tune composed to compromise the lyrics doesn't sound jaded anywhere. Oru CD 30 roobai.. theatre ku evanda varuvaan simply summarises the growth of PIRATED market and the scientific advance which resulted in a negative way to a majority of people.

Oru CD 30 Roobai - Ranjith Deepesh, A.K. Haritha Kamalaja (Trailer Version)

After getting an hang of what to do with the title track, the composer went berserk to create a mighty impressive theme music which features in the trailer too. Ranjith Deepesh sounds ultra confident in delivering the lyrics in an elevated western way.  Balamurali Balu made use of drums, trumpets and chimes to end the album in a high note.

Verdict - The songs have become quite a necessary object to act as a prelude towards the movie release. And an youngster who makes his debut might act either ways for the moive. Balamurai Balu exhibits some talent to sound fresh.

Picks(s) of the album - Naan Naanaga lllai, Oru CD 30 Roobai (Trailer Version)