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Tevar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, January 8, 2015 • Hindi ]
Tevar Review
Sanjay Kapoor Entertainment
Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee
Amit Sharma
Boney Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor

What is it all about?

Bollywood 2015 is greeted by ‘Tevar’ (attitude) that sticks to worship the tried tested and trusted massy affair. Anyways the remake of the 2003 ‘Okkadu’ starring Mahesh Babu does keep the masala loving regulars involved with its persistent dose of raw action and winning performance from Arjun, Sonakshi and Bajpayee that help in distracting its target audience from its over the top, too convenient and easy plot. However the length and the baffling climax reduces the impact hinting a hitch in its expected box office pinch.

The Story

Amit Sharma and Shantanu Srivastava script this original story by Gunasekhar to no such glory in their bollywoodisation of ‘Okkadu’ in ‘Tevar’. So the settings are changed from Hyderabad, Kurnool to Agra, Mathura.

Heavyweight goonda Gajender Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) gets smitten by college student Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha). The strong Mathura girl rejects Gajendra’s marriage proposal.

Gajendra is unwilling to let his obsession go and one early morning when Radhika is fleeing the city, Gajendra catches her. Pintu (Arjun Kapoor) a street smart happy go lucky kabbadi player from Agra comes to rescue.

What follows is an action packed cat and mouse game which also dramatically involves Superintendent of Police Shukla (Raj Babbar) - Pintu’s father and Bhaiyaji (Rajesh Sharma) - the state home minister and elder brother of Gajendra Singh.

What to look out for

Debutant helmer Amit Sharma shows his finesse as a filmmaker who understands the craft. Given a better plot he has the capability to create wonder. The setting atmosphere and the lingo are identifiable and adept. Shyam Kaushal action sequences are the major highlight. The look is perfect. Aparna Sud’s production design and Amit Lad’s art direction are proper.

Subarna Ray Chaudhuri’s costumes are up to the mark. Laxman Utekar cinematography adds more colour to the proceedings. Clinton Cerejo background adds to the momentum.

Music is soothing and looks good while watching. The songs are picturesque and look good. Sajid, Wajid, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Imraan Khan have given a winner in 'Main Superman'.

Tevar boosts some power packed performance.

For Arjun Kapoor it’s his best act till date. Completely entertaining to the crore. He plays to the gallery and wins the heart of the masses with his terrific combo of rawness, honesty, simplicity and subtle humour.

Manoj Bajpayee is first rate. Simply outstanding as the love struck obsessed gunda.. the entire sequence of his proposal to Sonakshi Sinha is fabulous.

Sonakshi Sinha looks gorgeous and gives a polish performance. Subrat Dutt is superb as kakadi. Raj Babbar is brilliant. Arjun’s friends are okay. Rajesh Sharma is fine. the girl who plays Arjun's sister is fantastic.

What not

Plot wise it has nothing to talk about. Remaking a decade old blockbuster which itself relied on tried tested and trusted massy affair is not a crime but some innovations could have being applied. For how long an ‘ideal’ B-town entertainer will remain to be ‘idle’ on new ideas and concepts. what was the need of Shruti Hassan's item song. its sad to see great talents like Deepti Naval wasted in an insignificant role.

Further the movie is unnecessarily long and the baffling climax somewhat reduces the ‘superhero’ impact - the feeling of triumph (the complete paisa vasool) moment any bollywood masala lover would want in the end. ‘Tevar’ lacks that flavor.

Conclusion: 'Tevar' possesses the tried tested and trusted massy ‘zevar’ and is packed by terrific action and performances of Arjun, Manoj and Sonakshi but the length and baffling climax reduces the required ‘paisa vassol’ flavor a bollywood masala curry should have.

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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