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Taramani Music Review

Taramani Music Review
Catamaran Productions
Vasanth Ravi,Andrea Jeremiah,Anjali,Azhagam Perumal,
Dr. L. GopinathRamJ. Satishkumar
Yuvan Shankar Raja
An emotional love album from Yuvan
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, December 31, 2016 • தமிழ்] Comments

Director Ram -Yuvan combo is nothing short of magic when it comes to music. After the award winning “Thangameengal”, Taramani’s album is finally here and the album is a mixture of love, emotion and rich in melody. Yet another feather in the cap from the late lyricist Na.Muthukumar, the album comes as a tribute to the versatile man. With Andrea, Vasanth Ravi in the lead the movie unlike the director’s previous flicks predominantly is set in Chennai and its modern day surrounding.

From the bottom : Listen Here

Just as the track title, the narration from Director Ram and Composer Yivan comes as a sincere tribute of the late lyricist Na. Muthukumar.  Ram talks high on the versatile skill of the lyricist, his underlying talk surely speaks how much Ram misses Muthu as a friend more than just his works. Yuvan voices his own experiences with the lyricist right from the days of 7G Rainbow colony.

Kadhal Oru : Listen Here

A modern day club track centered on the female point of view strikes the right chords at the right places. There is enough English verses to match the Tamil to show how new age this song can get and Yuvan has clubbed like a live pub song with interesting lyrics that breaks free the society’s point of view of a stereotyped female, and how else do you drive the point of view other than freakish English portions of rap and lazy top pitched vocals from Suvi and Rita?

Oru Koappai : Listen Here

A slow melody that builds the vibe quite patiently with minimal orchestration from the leading lady Andrea herself. With enough chorus to back her vocals and slow drumming in the background the song is a relief for melody lovers. Just when you think that, Ram’s voice echoes over to highlight the dangers of Suicide and its consequences, might be a trick for the visuals but best to wait and watch. Yuvan keeps the instrumentation very feeble to give the singer maximum pitch with a lustful touch through the tune.

Paavangalai : Listen Here

To put it as in old school terms, “ A polambifying song” from the boys of our town that has Yuvan helming the vocals along with Mukesh and Senthildass. A track more upfront on the lyrics department voices out the sins of the past and present on a rather strong apologetic note in a very religious way too. To make it very apologetic, Yuvan mixes folkish Tavil and keeps the bass minimum just as you hear in most of the religious hymns. The song doesn’t strike your imagination immediately, but gets very emotional as you go on a repeat mode.

Un Badhil vendi : Listen Here

The mood is simple, “waiting for an answer”, the longing romeo goes from one place to another as cupid strikes him and Muthukumar’s lyrics drench with love all over this track. A simple straightforward melody is very hollow and both the lead singers Siddharth & Shruti do it with ease and a sense of laziness in their tones. With mild strings and acoustic guitar segments the track is yet another slow magic from Yuvan which should take time to register in the minds.

Unnai Unnai : Listen Here

A relaxing romantic melody from Yuvan and Shruti yet again is all about mushy love. The track has a lot of electronic touch that silently works through the vocals to give the chorus effect and yet again to make the chord progression melodious the composer keeps the breeziness in the form of vocals with slow instrumentation. The short track with mild interchange of pianistic experiences is very compelling indeed.

Yaaro : Listen Here

The pop mix track of the album is here, very special and shows what Yuvan can do to a simple melody by mixing the right elements. However the track is short lived and has enough acoustics to make it a good listen. Takes us down the contemporary line with modern sounds and electronic notes to set a trendy urban ambience.

Rating: 3/5