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Takkari Music Review

Takkari Music Review
Nithin, Sada, Shayaji Shinde
Amma Rajashekar
Paruchoori Siva Ramaprasad
Chakri does it again!
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, November 22, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

It is an album that has created a stir because of its music director Chakri who has given some huge hits in recent days. Also, it has Nitin in the lead playing an irresponsible youngster who turns a lover boy. So, it's not hard to expect the kind of music the film would have. In keeping with the anticipation, Chakri has come up with a peppy album that will surely be liked by young people.

One main feature of this particular album is that it has three songs sung by Chakri himself, out of the five songs. Given that more and more music directors are singing most of the songs in their films, this does not come as a surprise. The album starts off with a spicy number where Chakri has used Sai Shivaani to put her range and versatility to optimum use. Another feature that cannot be missed is the solo lyricist used for the film, which has become a rarity these days.

Ammi ammi
Singers : Chakri, Sai Shivaani

This is the first track in the album and is most likely to make it to the top of the charts. It is, in all probability, an item number given its lyrics, the feel and beats of the song.  It is an out and out mass number, something that one would expect from a young hero like Nitin. Ammi is an energetic mix of fusion beats that have an Arabic intonation. Sai Shivaani has a deep husky voice that goes perfectly with the song. A versatile singer, she has hardly been used by the industry and you cannot miss out on the freshness in her voice.However, since it's an item song, you could end up mistaking her for a more mature and prominent singer-actress. Chakri sings the song himself as is the case with most music directors these days and naturally does a good job of his own song.

Kobbari kobbari
Singers :
Chakri, Kousalya

This is yet another mass number targeted at the young listeners. A duet by Chakri and Kaushalya, it has the same peppiness as the earlier number. Only this time, it feels like a song that the hero sings to tease his ladylove.

Yele yele
Singers :
Juben Gaarg, Chakri, Revathi

It goes without saying that this song too belongs to a similar genre as the earlier numbers. Sung by Zuben Gaarg, Chakri and Revati, it reminds you of some popular Tamil numbers. Especially the way the singers croon the lyrics is similar.

Nacho nacho
Singers :
Ravi Varma

This is a solo rendition by Ravi Varma. A hybrid song incorporating the elements of folk and club numbers, the number is another addition that is most likely to have the masses dancing to it in coming days. There is a female chorus to break the monotony.

Aaa aaa aaa
Singers :
Naveen, Kousalya

The song will make it to the charts too because it sounds very similar to a Nagarjuna's super hit song. Naveen and Kaushalya have given the playback for the song. The way Kaushalya uses her voice to make it sound Western is nice.

All in all, Takkari is an album you could buy if you like fast music. If the album has one flaw, then it surely does not seem to have any romantic numbers. But the mass songs make up for this by providing just what the hip uppies want in their cars.

Music Director: Chakri

Lyrics: Kandikonda

Released by: Vel Records

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